Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom Goat Milk-Product Review

When we were at Blogpaws in May, we received many items from brands who were there. One of the brands was Honest Kitchen. Honest Kitchen gave samples of their Pro Bloom Goat Milk for dogs and cats.

 I never have been a milk drinker but Jenny Sue, my sissy spaniel is and always has been. Now we know that cow's milk is not very good on a dog or cat's digestive tract but Jenny Sue sure does love the milk left after a bowl of cereal. 

Sissy Sarah decided to make up a pack of the milk and let us try it. Like I said I have never been a milk drinker so I wouldn't even try it but Jenny Sue had a different opinion. She loved that bowl of milk. She drank every bit of it. A few days later, ma made her another bowl and Jenny Sue cleaned the bowl up. The milk never upset her tummy or gave her gas like the other milk does. 

 Ma went on the Honest Kitchen's website to read up more about the milk. I will say she was happy about what she read. This goat milk has natural probiotics and digestive enzymes in it and it comes from free range goats. She loves the fact that this milk doesn't have to be refrigerated before use and it's easy to travel with.    

Jenny Sue sure loves Honest Kitchen's Pro Bloom goat's milk. All someone has to say is the word "milk" and she goes trotting to the kitchen and waits at the cabinet for it. The other day dad said we were out of milk and Jenny Sue jumped from her bed and trotted to the kitchen. Ma nor daddy got up to make her milk and she came back in the living room and tapped ma on the foot and started her growling , which is her trying to talk. Ma kept asking her if she wanted to go out but she didn't, she asked her if she wanted a kiss and on and on. Sissy Sarah finally said "you want milk?" and Jenny Sue went trotting in the kitchen. After the pawents giggled about it, ma got up and made her a bowl. 

For those who don't know Jenny Sue , she is blind. This is why you see white eyes. She went blind when she was almost 5 yrs old but she has adjusted wonderfully. Jenny Sue is 10 yrs old and things like a bowl of goat's milk makes her happy. She also loves to play fetch and swims in the summer. 

I know I can bark about how much Jenny Sue loves this milk but I want you see if for yourself. You can hear that Jenny Sue is a talker too. :)

Honest Kitchen website says it is a tasty treat to drink straight , like Jenny Sue or poured over dry kibble or added with other Honest Kitchen foods. Jenny Sue likes it straight. She says why mess with a good thing. BOL! 

This product has been Spaniel Approved. 
I am giving this milk 3 paws up.
1. It makes Jenny Sue happy 
2. It doesn't upset her tummy or give her gas 
3. It's healthy for her. 

Are you convinced? Have you ever tried Honest Kitchen's Goat milk? 

* I was not paid to give this review, I was given free samples during my trip to Blogpaws in May. I chose to give the review because of how much Jenny Sue loves it and everything I have wrote is my own opinion except for the information about different ways to serve it that I found on the Honest Kitchen Website


  1. Jenny Sue is just the cutest thing EVER. None of my animals have really had milk. Well, I had a cockatiel who ate from my cereal bowl. But I know that Honest Kitchen makes a good product!

  2. Aw, we love that Jenny Sue loves the goat milk so much! We were wondering about the Honest Kitchen Pro Bloom Goat Milk, because we got some from BlogPaws, too. We'll have to try it out. :)

  3. Excellent review! Sure looks yummy! I'm gonna' have to get mom to make some for me!



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