3 Lives Saved Thanks To BlogPaws and Pets Add Life-Updated

In May, my ma, sissy Sarah and I all attended a pet social conference called BlogPaws. We attended sessions to learn new ways to make our blogs more entertaining, rules of the FTC and how to be a better blogger. 

At the end of the conference we attended the Nose to Nose Award ceremony. While we were there the Pets Add Life company had a contest called #PalGives. The rules of the contest was to send out tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #PalGives. P.A.L. would select 2 random tweets to award a donation totaling $500. to each person to give to their favorite charity. The more you tweeted the better the chance you would have to get picked.

After the award ceremony they announced the 2 winners of the selected tweets. Diane Silver from To Dog With Love was one of the winners selected and Eli Allen was the other winner. For those who do not know who Eli Allen is , that is my human sister! Yes my sissy Sarah won the $500 donation to her favorite charity!!
Large check from Pets Add Life for $500 for #PalGives promotion

I can't even describe the feeling us girls felt when they called her name. I know Sarah and ma broke out in tears of joy. The $500. would go to the Owensboro Humane Society. I am the spokesdog of this No-Kill shelter. Ma is the Adoption./Event Coordinator and sissy Sarah is the Jr. Volunteer Coordinator . Sarah recruits young adults under the age of 18 to volunteer and work with the animals and at events.

Ma sent all the information to the Pets Add Life representative and we waited for the check to be mailed to the Humane Society. At first Sarah wanted to sponsor a spay day but she decided to wait till the check came in to see what needs the Humane Society had at the time. Ma contacted P.A.L a couple times to ask when the check would be mailed but when getting donations such as this, it takes time to process payment. Sissy asked ma to check up with P.A.L  so ma did toward the end of July and found out the check was being processed. The nice lady said that it should be ready within a couple of weeks and then it would be sent out. 

Ma called the president of our humane society and told her the update. When sissy Sarah came home from school, ma told her what she had found out. After a conversation about where the money was needed , they all agreed to use the money to save lives. While we were searching for my brother Zen on PetFinder , we seen some dogs who were available. Ma made a couple of phone calls to inquire about them but they had already been adopted. She called another shelter and asked if there were any small dogs who were good with men, children, and other animals. The shelter said yes they had some who would fit the criteria.

Our Humane Society gets many request for dogs who fit this criteria and even though we have dogs who fit most of them , none of them are small.  
White poodle looking at magnet on truck

Ma checked her email one morning and there was one we have been waiting for. The CHECK HAD BEEN MAILED! Operation "Life Saver" was deployed. That is what we call our road trips when we go to pull animals out of county/city shelters. 
She called the shelter she had been in contact with and told them she was coming. We had 3 empty kennels to fill. Ma and Sarah drove 2 hrs to the shelter. They walked up and down the aisles to visit with the dogs available but they do it separately. This is such a hard thing for them to do. They want to save them all but they knows they can't. To pick out 3 out of 30 isn't easy. Ma says its heartbreaking but she loves to do it. Sarah and ma has to talk about which ones they picked. Most of the time, its the same ones but sometimes they are different. Then they have to do a pro and con list. 

They chose the 3 they decided on, the paperwork was done and they took them out to potty. After everyone did their business, they loaded up in the truck. A pug, chihuahua and a corgi /chihuahua were on their way to Owensboro. They were 3 girls who needed to be spayed, updated on their vaccines and new lives. They were all owner surrenders. If you know anything about owner surrenders , you know they are usually the ones who will be put THE  list. This sometimes isn't the case but a stray animal has a longer safe time than one turned in by a owner.

We choose ones who we know can be adopted in a short time because once those homes are found that will leave kennels empty for others who need a second chance. Sometimes the ones we choose are not the first to be adopted and it may be a animal who has been here for a longer time period. It all depends on what the person who is wanting to adopt wants. 

Chihuahua corgi mixed dog named Pixie
Pixie will be available for adoption 
a chihuahua named Diamond
This is Diamond with our Kennel Manager

The pug named Pugsly (no photo available yet) and the chihuahua named Diamond will be getting spayed on Wed. of this week. They both have adoption contracts waiting to be approved. We do not allow animals who have not been spayed or neutered to be adopted if they are over the age of 4 mths. All animals must be altered before they can go to their new homes. Pixie came home with us so we could socialize her and work on potty training. She did a excellent job. She is back at the Humane Society waiting to be spayed and then will be ready to meet a forever family. 

If it wasn't for Sarah winning the $500. donation from Pets Add Life at BlogPaws , we would not been able to rescue these 3 girls from a city shelter! The Owensboro Humane Society wants to say Pets Save Lives instead. 
Thank you Blogpaws for all that you do for shelters. Thank you for finding sponsors who give back to shelters and educating bloggers on how to be better. 

I appreciate all the support and how the community comes together to support us and answer any questions or concerns we may have. Thank you Pets Add Life for all that you do. I can't wait to share the photos when these 3 girls do get approved to the proper homes. 

A special thank you goes out to Carol Bryant. If it wasn't for her encouraging ma to attend BlogPaws , we would have never came. I am so grateful she did! Thank you to Pets Add Life for having patience with ma and her constantly checking on status of check. 

*The Owensboro Humane Society is a no kill shelter in Owensboro Ky. We are a 501(c)3 non profit organization. They receive no money from the State, County ,City or the national Humane Society. They are ran solely on donations from the public. If you want to learn more about them , please visit Owensboro Humane Society Website or "Like" them on their Facebook page.

UPDATE: On August 29th Puglsey the pug who was saved found her new home! She was spayed , up to date on her shots and Micro-chipped. Tom Sparks , I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart to the top of my floof for giving Puglsey her forever home.

On Sept 1st. Diamond found her forever home. Nancy Coombs was lonely and wanted someone to love. She came everyday and spent time with Diamond to make sure she was the one. Diamond was completely vetted and Nancy finally got to take her home. Thank you Nancy! 
woman holding a chihuahua named Diamond
Photo courtesy from the Owensboro Humane Society Facebook page
 There is one little girl left who would love a home. She has been spending time at my house so we could refresh her on potty training, eating with others, and manners. She is now available for adoption. 


  1. Sounds like you put the check to really good use. Saving 3 babies from a kill shelter and getting them ready for their new homes. Hope you all can continue to do such amazing work.

    1. It's our hope that we can. I can't wait to share the adoption stories.

  2. Yay! Three lives saved. That is so pawsome! Carma, you and your family are amazing. *Paw hugs*

    1. Thank you Twiggy and Onyx. It's our purpose in live to help those who have no voice of their own. Ma always says "Yes they have a voice but you have to speak dog or cat to understand it" ;)

  3. That's awesome! I'm so glad Sarah won and the animals are so blessed to have you all!

  4. We have to comment again because we LOVE this story! It's just pawsome. Carma, your Sissy is a remarkable young lady. You and your Ma should be SO proud!!!

    1. Comment as much as you want. I am about to share some exiting news. We are very proud of sissy Sarah. She has the biggest heart for our pets at the Humane Society and does everything she can to enrich their lives while they are waiting for homes of their own.

  5. That's fabulous that your sister won $500 for Owensboro Humane Society! Way to go Sissy Sarah! And Way to Go Owensboro Humane Society! You do great work and I'm proud to know you.



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