PlexiDor Dog Door To The Rescue!

I am so excited! We FINALLY got a PET DOOR! Ma has wanted one for a long time. You know what even makes it better? It’s a Plexidor Pet Door.

Why am I excited over a Plexidor door? It’s one that doesn’t have a flap but duel shatterproof doors. My ma says that it won't hurt are heating and cooling bills like leaving the back door open did. That was a plus with dad. 

I am part of the Blogpaws network They posted they needed bloggers to work with Plexidor in exchange the blogger would receive a free door, free installation along with being paid for the campaign, I jumped on it. I waited for the news whether I was chosen and when I got the news , I had to ask if it was true that I was selected. I was!
My door hasn't been installed yet but it will be soon. I wanted to practice with the door so I talked ma into taking it out of the box so I could see it. I really wanted to use it but she said she wasn't taking the plastic off of it yet. She was afraid she would misplace a part so she felt safer leaving it in the plastic until the door could be installed.Ma loses everything! 

I know this will help my ma. We will be able to go out without them being our personal door opener.I can open the door but I forget to close them. My ma has MS,sometimes she has to spend the day in bed because her legs don't work right. Now instead of us having to wait for dad or sissy Sarah to come home, we can go out by ourselves. This will be great for Jenny Sue too. She is 10 yrs old and she can't hold it as long as Scooby and I can. This door will stop birds from walking in the house like they have this summer. The part dad really liked was that the door could be locked when we are not at home or there are people working on the wires in the back yard. Ma liked the door plate you can easily put on for extra security reasons.

 I really like the idea that when I am outside being a porch poodle I don’t have to come in because ma wants to close the door.  

I will tell you more about it after it’s installed but I couldn't wait to share the news about my new door!


  1. This looks a really good idea Carma! I will keep up with your blog and see how you get on with the fascinating looking door!

    1. I can't wait to get to use it for real. Thank you for stopping by. Have a pawtastic day!

  2. Congratulations!!! We installed ours earlier this month and we love it a lot. It looks so much nicer than our other door with the plastic flap.

    Can't wait to hear how you like it.

    1. I know ma has been asking daddy for one for years. I was so excited they picked me ;) I can't wait to have it installed.


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