B/W Sunday - Service Dog

B/W photo of Carma Poodale, white standard poodle who is Medical alert service dog
I am a service dog

I alert my handler to problems before she feels it. 
I help her to walk when her gait is unsteady.
I help her to get up from a chair when needed.
I can pull a wheelchair if she needs to use one. 
I can sense when she is close to having a panic attack and I can help her get through it.

I am a service dog. 

On Sunday, Sept 29 , please join my friends, Garth  , Oz and I as we host a blog hop
Join us for the #SundayServiceDog blog hop. 
The purpose of this blog hop is to educate people about service dogs, therapy dogs, and emotional support animals, and the very important and very different roles they play.  It can be very confusing,
 Garth's mom wrote a post to try to help people understand the differences -- Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, & Emotional Support Animals - Important Differences.     

Please join us for the blog hop, by posting, linking your post, and/or visiting and sharing the posts.  You don't have to be a service dog, therapy dog, or emotional support animal to participate -- everyone is welcome to join us in sharing information.


  1. and a proud service dog she is! (As she should be! Look at that SMILE!!!)

  2. Such a wonderful picture. What a big smile!

  3. Awesome picture of an awesome girl!


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