WW-#LightForPets-My Reasons

Join me and others around the world for the #LightForPets candle lighting service. Light a candle in remembrance of those who lost their lives and those who are still waiting for their special someone. 
White poodle wearing red vest- Carmapoodale

I will light a candle for Nadia. She along with dogs like Rocky and cats like Tank and Tiger spent their whole lives waiting for someone to call their own but that someone never came. They were our forever pets and they called the Owensboro Humane Society home. The years went by and old age creeped up on them but they can say "I was loved" 

 My candle will represent those like Gunner. They have waited and waited for somebody special to give them a home but for now they are happy that someone cares enough to sponsor them so they can have things they would have in a home. 

brown dog in a shelter kennel

Those like Dozer who have so much love to give if only given the chance. 

red nose pit bull with sunglasses

and last but not forgotten is Zen. Who Oct. 5th will be missing a year. He was there one minute and gone the next. I hope whoever has him is taking care of him until we find him. 
Please #Adopt #Foster or #Sponsor a Shelter pet

Photo collage of brown and white chihuahua named Zen

rednose pit bull in kennel named Dozer
Dozer asked "when will someone love me?"

Their lives depend on it. 

I would be honored if you shared a photo of your candle on my FaceBook page.


  1. Awwww, I have tears streaming. I hope all homeless pets get their forever homes. And I pray Zen finds his way back to you. xoxoxo

  2. We will be participating in this! And thinking of Zen all of Thursday. It was great meeting you Carma at the blogpawschat, keep on being the pretty poodle you are.

  3. How thoughtful and special...thank you for this.


  4. this brought tears to my eyes. Olivia and I are fur sure participating tomorrow.

  5. Carma this was a most beautiful post. Our hearts hurt for those poor babies

  6. Poor things. It is so sad. I will be lighting a candle tomorrow with my mum.

  7. Beautiful post, I love how you are honoring the others in lighting your candle. Harmony

  8. So much sweetness. I'll light a candle for my late canine sister Lexi, rescued later in life and given a beautiful encore by my humans, and I will hope that all animals in search of forever homes find the same good fortune that Lexi had.

  9. Wonderful. Will light one for Isabelle - Rescued off street and best dog ever for nearly 16 years, but now OTRB.

  10. That was a moving and poignant post, Carma. Thank you.

  11. We will be participating Carma and lighting candles for all the sweet pups just waiting for extra love.

  12. Hey Carma, now you can't say no one was here. Don't want you to go to bed sad! Auntie Jan loves you.

  13. Beautiful post of honoring these that did not have a special human to call their own. I pray that Zen finds his way home to you.


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