Taking Care Of Ma and Kitty

I haven't wrote anything for a few days so I thought I would let you know what was going on. I have things I need to write about and lots of things to share with you but ma has been sick. She is getting better but has a pesky cough. She has also been going to the doctors more often and lately I have met new doctors. 

She has a new neurologist. Her headaches have returned and now they are trying to figure out how to stop them. She has been to another doctor who likes to take a lot of her blood and put it in tubes. We have spent more times in labs than we have in pet stores.  

Her regular doctor keeps sending her to other doctors because her lab work isn't looking good. I really wish she would study harder for these labs. Instead of her head getting bigger with all her new knowledge ; something called a spleen is 3 times the size its supposed to be. Her platelets are really low and they are trying to figure out what is causing it. I thought platelets were little plates so I checked the plate cabinet the other day. Just as I thought, we had as many little plates as we did before so I don't know what they mean. 

I have been taking care of ma the best that I can. We spend a lot of time napping. Ma says she doesn't have much energy. I haven't visited the humane society and seen my friends for at least 3 weeks and I finally went today but we weren't there for very long. Ma took some new photos of my friends and then we came home. No playing in the warehouse, no hanging out in the office or kitty room just there to take photos and then we left. 

My kitty, Molly Mew is growing like a weed. She has started her kitty ninja stage. She can be walking across the room and all of a sudden she will jump in the air and shoot off like a rocket. She is a handful. She likes to bite my legs while I am sleeping. I didn't know kitties like to eat poodle legs. Ma gets on her when she does this but she doesn't listen. I am new to this kitty stuff so if any of my kitty friends would like to offer me advice on kitty raising, I would appreciate it. The pawents said if I want to keep the kitty I have to take care of it. 
Here is what I have done to be a good kitty mama:
I clean up her food dishes so no food is left overnight.
I tried to help ma keep Molly Mews kitty box clean but got in trouble with dad so I can't do that job anymore.
I keep Molly Mew entertained.
I find Molly Mew when she is hiding from the pawents. 

Some questions I have are is the following:
Why does my kitty like to bite all of us and how can I stop it? 
Why does my kitty like to run around and jump on the back of the couch? 
Why does my kitty always want to do the things ma tells her "No No"?
How can I stop my kitty  from terrorizing Scooby Doo? 
What is the obsession with the red dot? 

I will be back to writing regularly soon. 
Thank you for stopping by and taking time to read my post. I really do appreciate it. 


  1. Bunny, I'm so sorry you've been feeling poorly. Let's hope the doctors figure out what's going on soon so they can get you headed in the other direction—better. I do hope this gets you out of fixing dinners, though.

  2. Beaumont says the best thing to do with a kitty is to pick it up in your mouth and carry it around the house. That's what he used to do with his kitty. We rehomed the kitty :(. I'm sure that with you helping your Ma she will feel better soon. We will keep you in our prayers :)

  3. Oh Carma we are so sorry to hear that your Mom is not doing well. We are praying that the doctor can solve the problem of those "plates" and headaches and all, it hurts us to hear that your Mom isn't well. You are such a good doggy to take such good care of her.
    as for your questions:
    Why does my kitty like to bite all of us and how can I stop it? Does the kitten still have kitten teeth? That could be why! When she bites, STOP playing so she knows that biting is NOT acceptable!
    Why does my kitty like to run around and jump on the back of the couch? You mean on top of the couch or behind it? If she is on top, maybe cause it makes her taller? If she goes behind it, it is a good place to play hide and seek!
    Why does my kitty always want to do the things ma tells her "No No"? Cause it's fun to not listen to your Ma. Kitty will do that even when she is grown up lol
    How can I stop my kitty from terrorizing Scooby Doo? Have Scooby play with her! She is probably trying to get Scooby to play cause Scooby is closer to her size than you are :)
    What is the obsession with the red dot? It can't be caught, "we always want what we can't have!"
    Sending get well wishes and love to your Ma!
    xoxoxoxo Cody and Caren

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  5. Hi Carma : )

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It's no fun feeling bad. You are such a sweetie to take care of her. And I bet she really loves it when you nap with her.

    As for your kitty concerns...you and I have much in common my friend.
    Waffles is 1 year old now and still LOVES biting. Glogirly tries to stuff a toy in his mouth when he bites something (or someone) he shouldn't. I think she ought to stuff a sock in his mouth. ; )

    The zoomies-running-couch thing? No explanation whatsoever.

    No means yes.

    Waffles terrorizes me daily. I feel Scoob's pain and I suggest revenge. But Glogirly says wearing him out with play can help.

    The Red Dot? No KIDDING. Waffles thinks it lives in the wall. He's obsessed 24/7. I don't get it. It's just a red dot.

    ; ) Katie

  6. Carma, I'm so sorry to hear your mom isn't feeling well. Sounds like you're doing a good job taking care of her, though. Do keep an eye on those plates, because they can be sneaky.

    Take care!


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