WW-Goodbye Friend

I never got to meet Cokie the cat in pawson
but I loved him 
I know many many others 
in the social world did too
 Tuesday his pawents had to be his voice 
and make the choice no pawent wants to make 
Please keep his pawents in 
your prayers.
Its so hard to say
Good bye..

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  1. Sending Lots of Golden LOVE to Cokie Pawparents. Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Blessings and prayers to Cokie's pawrents!

  3. Oh no didn't know about Cokie the cat! OMD he WAS social media! Sending condolences to Cokie's pawrents. Love Dolly

  4. we were heartbroken to hear the news. It brought back awful memories of having to do the same with our Angel Bobo for the same reasons and they were the same age. Our hearts break for them

  5. My heart is broken for my dear friend Kristin - I know the loss she feels. Fly free, Cokie. xoxoxo

  6. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. It must of be hard for his pawrents. We will be praying.

  7. This is so sad :( Thanks for being a good friend to him.

  8. So sorry for you loss! XO - Duke & Jess - Life with Duke

  9. It's sad it came his time to leave. Cokie was well-loved and will be missed.

  10. That is a very difficult, and noble decision to make. Our heartfelt sympathies to Cokie's family.

    Sadie & Co.


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