B/W Sunday- #BarkWorldExpo Bound

This coming week, we will be headed to Atlanta for the BarkWorld 2014 conference.  Right now we are busy getting things in order to head out. I will be posting about the adventure. If you want to follow me in our journey there and during the conference , please make sure you are following me on Instagram and my Facebook page. 
Happy Sunday!!!
Barkworld Pet Conference sign and poodale

Thank you to our hosts
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  1. This sounds like lots of fun! We cant wait to read all about your adventures.

  2. Have fun at BW...hope it isn't too loud with all the barking :)

  3. So exciting! Have fun there, wish we could join but too far away!

  4. Carma I can't go with mom because she's flying! Can't wait to read all about it! Love Dolly

  5. You guys have FUN!!! Had tickets and reservation but changed our schedule ... so can't come this year. Tweet and share lots of photos. Safe Travels. Golden Woofs

  6. Sounds like fun! We love your dress!!!


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