Indoor Cat Loves a Cat Tree

Molly Mew loves to sit on the tree in the back yard. She has cat trees in the house but she says none of them are as nice as this tree.We have a fenced in yard. Everyday weather permitting , she along with Cinnamon , our guinea pig are allowed time outside. It may be a hour , it may be two hours but they get fresh air and sunlight. They also get exercise.

Ma and dad thought it was important to allow her outside to learn her surroundings. They are always out with her and if they are busy doing a project , then its my job to keep them safe. Many people recommend that Molly be strictly an indoor cat. Molly Mew is a indoor cat but gets her supervised outdoor time. Over the summer Molly has learned her backyard. She has spots that she likes to lay and places to hide.

There are many reasons that we felt it was important for Molly to be outside. One reason was to get exercise. She loves to run around the yard getting from spot to spot. She also gets fresh air and sunshine. The main reason for allowing her to learn the backyard was so if someone left a door open and she got out, she would know how to come back in.

I can't tell you how many times I have seen posts from people whose indoor cat has got outside from a door being left open by either a guest, a child or not having the door closed all the way and the wind blowing it open or they got out through a open window. The cats find that the outside is scary. The smells , the sounds can be overwhelming to a cat that has never been out. Many cats get scared and run the wrong direction and find themselves lost.  This is why we chose to allow her out to experience what the outdoor had to offer. The rules are NEVER get out of the yard. So far she has never broken that rule but as I said, her outdoor time is supervised and Molly will come when her name is called. Some people don't believe this but its honestly true.

 Molly Mew loves her outdoor time but yesterday a strange cat came in our yard and gave her the scare of her life. Long story short, I had to go after the cat with teeth bared! Yes, Me! I surprised ma that I bared teeth in a chase but I was angry that the cat had tried to attack Molly and that the cat thought it was okay to get in MY YARD! That was two no-no's in one visit. This is MY yard and MY kitty.

I am NOT recommending that you take your kitty outside. Unless your kitty comes when she is called or you have a secure yard etc then that is your choice. I am just saying the reasons we allow Molly Mew to go outside.

Funny thing is , Molly Mew thinks she has to come in to potty in her box. BOL! She will scream to get in the house and take a straight path to her box to potty and then ask to go back out. No one ever told her she could do her business outside. :) Maybe its for the best. This way other cats don't smell her waste in the yard. She just may be smarter than we think.

After all, she is being raised by a poodle. :-)

Happy Saturday! I hope you have a beautiful day.

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  1. Carma, you're a heroe ! You take good care of Molly Mew ! It's very smart of your pawrents to teach her the surrounding and to teach her to stay close to the house when she enjoys fresh air and sun. We have a fence since Angel Loupi has been killed by a car. Mum put a litter box outside for me (Zorro does his business outdoor if he's in the garden), but I prefer to come in to potty too ! Purrs, Pixie


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