Molly Mew True Ky Wildcat

Basketball season is about to begin. In this house its a huge thing. Many of my friends and fellow bloggers are football or baseball fans, some are basketball fans and some don't give a hoot about sports. 
We go all out. We don't miss a University of Kentucky game on TV and we call it the "season of yelling" 
The pawents (especially Ma) starts yelling at those refs or players loudly. Molly Mew didn't know what to make out of all that yelling and cheering her first season. BOL! 
Now she is old enough to start wearing the UK Wildcat clothing. Ma has found some of Zen's old clothes that fit her. 
She doesn't know what to think about them. She sits there and allows ma to put them on her but then she keeps falling over. 
Its something new that she is getting used to but her expressions leaves us laughing!
Ma puts the coat on her for a 15-30 minutes at a time. She is slowly getting used to it. Pretty soon she will be ready for her cheerleading outfit!! 
Go Cats Go!!!
Does your pets wear your favorite teams colors?? 

Happy Saturday! 

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  1. Poor baby! We're a Nascar household and can get quite boisterous too!

    1. I know those Nascar fans can get pretty intense in their sport. Ma used to be one years ago.
      Happy Caturday!!

  2. Poor Molly Mew ! It looks like she doesn't like to wear clothes ! Purrs

  3. We are huge LSU football and baseball fans. I guess because I coached high school cheerleaders for so many years, I LOVE high school basketball games. We watch some college and NBA basketball usually near the end of the season. Kentucky is a force. ♥


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