WW-Happy 20th Anniversary To My Pawents!

Happy 20th anniversary to my pawents! 
They both will tell you that the first time they seen each other 
that they knew they would get married
before they even knew each others name. 

Pawents kissy facing

It was a wonderful day. 
Even with a tux malfunction. 

Hank was the ringbearer. 
Dogs as ring bearers are nothing new 
He was ma's first baby. 
She had other dogs in her life but he was the first
who was solely dependant on her.
 He was her first male heart dog. 
I am her first female heart dog

Happy Anniversary 
Ma and dad!!! 


  1. Beautiful!! Happy Anniversary!! xo Chloe and LadyBug and Mama too

  2. Happy Anniversary to your pawrents! You are lucky to have them still so happy together after 20 years.

    1. Thank you. Ma says it hasn't been a easy trip getting here and hopes the journey gets easier for the next 20 yrs

  3. That's wonderful! Happy anniversary to your Mom and Dad, Carma!

  4. Happy anniversary! Love the pictures! Love Dolly

  5. Happy anniversary! Hank was very handsome in his tux. So sweet.

  6. How lovely! Happy Anniversary....

  7. I know I am way late...but Happy Anniversary!!


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