Where Have I Been??

Happy Monday! 
I know I haven't been around a lot lately so I thought I would stop in to fill you in on what I have been up to. 

Ma was taken off her pain medication due to her doctor no longer writing prescriptions for pain. She has been sent to a pain clinic so we have been spending a lot of time there. They are really nice people who are doing what they can to help ma but before really coming up with a plan to manage the pain, they have to do a lot of tests. 

Ma has had photos of her bones, her muscles, she has been poked and prodded. She has a problem with her discs that has gotten worse over the years and it has caused other problems that has affected her legs. I have spent a lot of time in doctors offices, labs and photo departments waiting for them to print out photos of her tests that she has taken. 

Most days, I am like this 
Waiting at the Dr office
At the doctors office they wanted to give her some shots in her back to reduce the pain. She laid on the table, I was facing her so she would focus on me while they did the procedure and all of a sudden she screamed! I jumped and ran to the door. I knew I couldn't go out the door without permission. I was waiting for her to say "help" because I was ready to go get one of those nice nurses! I thought ma was going to fly off that table and zoom around the room. The doctor yelled "where you going?!" while he grabbed ma's ankle to stop her from bolting off the table. 
I never seen my ma move so fast! BOL! 

When we were at one of her doctor appointments, we were riding down the elevator with a couple of people. A older gentleman let out a stinky and then pointed at me. I sniffed his butt and sneezed then put my nose on ma's leg to hide from the smell. I wasn't letting him blame that stinky on me!!
Ma looked at the man and told him to stop blaming his nasty farts on me. We all were holding our breath until we got out of there.

After a few days rest, Ma was starting to feel better. Now we spend our days enjoying the outside a little more. Its been in the 60's here in Ky and the sun has been shining.
 Sunshine is just what Dr. Poodale ordered! 
Looks like Ma and I weren't the only ones who gained weight 
The rest of the time we have been watching our pawsome Kentucky Wildcats play basketball. We are so proud of our team! They are 36-0 and we are on the road to the final four. If you are not a college basketball fan, I apologize because right now we eat, sleep, breath basketball. 
Go Ky Wildcats!!! 
I like to celebrate their wins by eating KFC chickyum! I sure love my chickyum.

Waiting for my chickyum livers. 

We also have been gathering donations for our Owensboro Humane Society. They have taken in a lot of kitties due to a older gentleman being forced into a nursing home. Many of his animals were sick and undernourished. They can really use donations of kitty food, money or even volunteers. We wish we could help more but right now ma just can't do much.  If you would like to donate to them, please visit their website to read about the Last Chance Kitties

We went around to some area pet stores and told them about the need for food the humane society had and the stores gave us some food to take to them. We appreciate our locally owned stores. They give back to the animals without homes of their own when the larger pet stores don't. 

That is a recap of what we have been up to. The sun is shining and its supposed to be in the 60's today so with that I am going to leave. I have some outdoor time calling me. 

I hope you all have a pawtastic week.


  1. Enjoy the beautiful weather and I hope your Ma is feeling better.

  2. I sure hope your ma improves quickly and that those pain people know what they're doing!

  3. I can't believe that guy tried to blame his fart on you, Carma! So rude!

  4. I sure hope that your Ma is able to live as pain-free as possible very soon. We completely understand about eating, sleeping, and breathing basketball. That is exactly how we are about NASCAR around our house! And bless your local pet stores for helping those kitties in need.

  5. Hope you mum is feeling better,xx Speedy

  6. So even with your mom feeling poorly, she's still thinking about others and posting about pets that need help. Good for her, and hope she continues to feel better.

    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  7. We hope that helped your mom and that she feels better. Purrs

  8. I hope your ma is off to a speedy recovery!! How appalling that someone would blame their stinky farts on you. The nerve!!
    Thank you for bringing attention to the Last Chance Kitties. I shared their website on Twitter & FaceBook.

  9. oh your poor Ma but thank goodness she has YOU to help take care of her. Hoping she is able to find some relief (((hugs)))

  10. Sorry to hear about ma. Doctor's offices are the least favorite places of mine. I hope ma feels better. Keep up your good care taking.
    BJ Pup

  11. Hi there! Looks exciting!!


  12. We hope your Ma feels better soon, we bet having you there makes her feel much better.

  13. stopping in from the pet parade where you were featured. hope your mom's pain goes away soon, you are such a great therapy dog. Hugs.


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