BW- Getting Ready For Summer

Yesterday, the pawents worked in the yard all day. They really have it looking nice in the front yard. The spring flowers are in bloom and the red mulch really makes it POP with color. They are now working in the backyard that I like to call, Poodale's Playland. 

Ma cleaned out the gazebo and got the pillows for the couch out. Molly Mew and I always argue what it is called since she thinks its a catzebo and I think its a dogzebo. Ma says it depends on who is in it as to what it is called.

Once she had it swept out and the cushions on it, I claimed my spot for the summer. I will be spending many hours out in this spot. Ma is like a young child that goes outside and plays all day. She may just be sitting in the dogzebo with her camera, ready to take a photo of a bird or squirrel or even us but we spend a lot of time outside.

From my spot in the dogzebo I can see her anywhere in the yard. I have a full view of my playland. I can always keep an eye on her. I can insist that she takes a break to rest if she is busy tending her plants or the pond. I am always available for a snuggle nap on the glider. (tee hee)

We have alot of fun together outside. In the summer, you can always find Ma, Scooby, Molly and me out there. Where the dogzebo is located is under a huge tree and there is always a nice breeze blowing through. When there is no breeze, we have a fan. We look forward to going out and getting some fresh air.

When we going outside, Ma? 
Happy Sunday! I hope you have a pawfect relaxing day. I am ready to go outside and maybe play some poodle ball. Poodle ball is a game of fetch but since I am a poodle and I have a squeaky ball, its called Poodle ball in my play land .

What plans do you have today?? 

I am joining today's Black and white Sunday Blog Hop. 


  1. Yay! for SUMMER :-) have a PAWsome Sunday. Enjoy and Golden Woofs

  2. We planted out spring/summer flowers yesterday too. It felt so nice to be able to work in the yard again.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you had beautiful weather too. I could barely get ma's hands out of the dirt long enough to take a break. Now I know who I get my mole digging skills. BOL!

  3. Maybe you should compromise and call it a Petzebo.;-)
    --Wags (and purrs) from Life with Dogs and Cats

  4. Poodle Ball sounds like a blast to me! I wanna see the color photos that "pop"!! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  5. That first image is so gorgeous. I love Carma in black and white.

  6. That sounds like a purrfect Sunday ! Mum was out to take care of the garden too. Purrs


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