Farmer Carma Plants a Garden For The Guinea Pig

Yesterday dad called and asked ma to go out to Home Depot to get the charcoal on sale.While we were there ma noticed that the veggies and flowers were also on sale so we had to take a look. The plants looked so healthy and being that they were on sale, we couldn't pass up the good bargain. 

Dad DID send us to Home Depot unattended, what did he expect? Ma is like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of change. We got some flowers for the front yard, a mosquito plant and some herbs. I helped to pick out the herbs because they smelled good. 

Ma carries a list in her purse of guinea pig safe foods. We found a lot of information on our friend's Hutch a Good Life. Ma had done some research on what piggies could eat and what was not good for them. Some of the things, like leaf lettuce and carrots we buy at Sam's club. 

With the veggies and herbs on sale, we thought we would try to grow our own. If we can get it to grow then we can save money over the summer and that will buy more chickyum treats. Plus it will be much healthier for him because we use natural fertilizers such as coffee grounds, tea bags, and fish poop water. 

When we came home, ma showed Cinnamon what we had bought him. He was really happy with the choices. He nibbled the butter lettuce and then he would nibble the red leaf lettuce. He was going back and forth as if he was sampling which one he like better. Ma told him that he needed to leave some to plant in the garden. He wheeked and wheeked to tell ma he wanted those plants back.
Guinea pig named Cinnamon smelling fresh lettuce

After the sun went down it was time to plant the plants. I put on my bestest farmer bibs (I was shocked they still fit) and after ma cleared out the weeds with some help from Cinnamon, I helped her dig holes to plant the lettuce.

Carma Poodale the standard poodle wearing bibs and holding a hoe waiting to plant the lettuce

Hopefully, our lettuce will grow big and strong so that our Cinnamon will be a happy boy. We love when our piggie is happy. We also planted some herbs that are safe for Cinnamon and will be used for the meals that the parents cook. Next week we will be planting carrots and green beans. Sure hope he appreciates all the hard work I put into the garden. I am sure he will. He is a good guinea pig.

This is a printable list of veggies guinea pigs can eat:
#GuineaPig safe foods
Credit Austrailian Cavy Sanctuary
You can find more photos of lists of foods, different breeds of guinea pigs and much more by using Google. We found the information from the guinea pig rescues in Australia seems to have more information than the United States.

Here most people feed their guinea pigs pellets along with hay but over there they feed them more natural foods. Maybe that is why they live so much longer over there. 

With any pet, please do your research before buying one. If you want to help save a life, adopt. Many shelters all over the country have small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, some even have snakes that have been surrendered because of people moving and so on.

Both our guinea pigs were adopted from a no-kill shelter. If we ever decide to get another piggie, we will adopt. Seems like our county shelter gets them often. For now, I have to go chase Cinnamon out of the garden. He really loves that lettuce!
Do you ever plant stuff for your pets? If so, what do you plant? 


  1. Mum has a herb garden for me,and she lets the front garden lawn grow each year so she can harvest the grass as hay and can pick dandelions and plantains for me,last year she did chard and spinach,this year she is going to do some more,xx Speedy

    1. That is wonderful to hear. We are thinking about growing kale too. Ma wants to get some first to let him try it and has really heard great things about it. Even dogs can eat it and it is supposed to be a healthy way to get vitamins and minerals.

  2. Mum is going to take care of the garden and plant some seeds and plants this weekend. She planned to plant us catnip this year, woohoo ! Purrs

    1. Aw,fresh catnip! That sounds really nice. We planted cat grass last year. Molly Mew really liked it. Looked like regular grass to me but ma said their was a kitty on the packet. Can't wait to hear more about your garden.
      Happy Caturday!!

  3. I tried to plant a little guinea pig garden for our piggie last year but I only had luck with the parsley! Maybe I should send him your way!


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