BW- Tabletop Pups

2 dogs laying on a outdoor table

This is a some of the members of ma's fan club. If she goes to the fence they are ready to shower her with hugs and kisses. They whine when they see her to let her know they want her to visit with them. Sometimes she takes them a treat. They have to earn the treat by sitting down while waiting for it. Ma says nobody gets rewards for free, you have to earn them. That is why they are called rewards. 

The pups will miss seeing her in the mornings. Today we are putting up a temporary fence that is made of reed. It will block the neighbors from seeing us and it will block the view of their grass that is near 3 ft tall now from ma's view. Hopefully it will block some of the mosquitoes too. 

The pups will still get to see ma from their yard, it will be just a little further down. We are putting the fence up to a certain point. It will look great when its finished. We don't want to block the entire area just to a certain point. Our yard has a constant breeze due to the way the neighborhood is laid out. We don't want to block that breeze. 

Its a shame when people get animals as little babies and as soon as those babies lose their baby faces, those people tend to forget they have animals. When you take on the responsibilities of a pet, take it on for the life of the pet. 

Animals are living , breathing, loving people wrapped in fur. Be the best pet parent you can be. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today and spending your time with me.
 Have a beautiful day! 


  1. OMD Carma. They are so cute! Just look at those sweet faces.

  2. Carma, please don’t tell me those LIVE in the yard! I’d call someone and have them taken away. What a bunch of losers those humans are.


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