#Caturday Sand Fun

My kitty, Molly Mew sure brings a lot of joy to our household. Every day after breakfast she asks to go out and usually just hangs out in the dogzebo (gazebo) watching birds, chasing bugs or cat napping. Ma checks on her regularly and after a couple of hours she calls her to come in. Molly eats her lunch and then terrorizes (instigates play) with us dogs for a bit, gets some lovings from ma and then settles down for a nap.

Molly Mew has a lot of energy. There have been people at our house that just stare at ma and ask what does she feed her because for a 2 year old cat , she has a lot of energy. Molly can be sleeping one minute and tearing through the house the next. Her favorite thing to do is to run as fast as she can through the living room and scale the cat tree at crazy speeds. Her other fun thing is to try to get Scooby and me to play with her by running past us or tagging us to get the game started. We end up chasing her around the house but she turns the chase around to where she is chasing us. We run as fast as we can to get away from that crazy cat!

After dinner, its outside time. Ma takes us out and we play games for awhile and then we just relax. When ma brings out the camera, Molly Mew lights up. She knows that the attention will be turned toward whatever gets ma attention.

Molly the cat posing for the camera
 Molly Mew starts speeding around, doing ninja jumps and letting out funny noises. Once she has ma's attention , she starts to pose. Her favorite places to be the model are in the sand. She also loves to run through it. She says I am not the only one who enjoys kicking  that sand up as high as we can. She has dug a couple spots out that she lays in. The belly stays cool when its a layer or 2 down in the sand.

Ma says the best  thing she has done was to leave the sand there after taking our pool down but she sure misses the pool and taking naps on a float on a hot day. She also says she doesn't miss taking care of the pool to keep it algae free in our rainy season. Both Molly Mew and I love to play and lay in the sand. Ma just wishes we would leave the sand in the sand area and not in the house.

Ma rakes the sand a couple times a week. She says it gets all the little pebbles out of it from where they have washed away from the pond landscaping and its therapeutic. She says she zens when she rakes. She says its great for her feet too. She buries her toes in the sand , closes her eyes so she can only hear the pond and gets a few minutes of peacefulness. This peacefulness is usually interrupted by the sound of SQUEAK SQUEAK SQUEAK!

Carma playing with ball in sand
Ma says she is grateful for us. We make her laugh everyday. We keep her busy with our ins and outs, constantly bugging her for treats and reminding her what time we want our dinner. We also keep her busy sweeping up sand. BOL! We love the joys of summertime fun.

Do your pets have a favorite spot in the yard to play? 


  1. aww Molly is so pretty,she looks like my cousin Guinevere,xx Speedy

    1. Your cousin, Guinevere must be beautiful. have a wonderful day Speedy and thanks for stopping by!

  2. There are times myself when I realize just how much I needed my Sam...far more than I ever thought. Happy weekend with your fur crew. ;)

  3. she is so cute, probably thinks it is a giant litter box MOL


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