Cow Appreciation Day At Our Local Chick-Fil-A

Tuesday was the Chick-Fil-A's Dress like a cow- Cow Appreciation day. If you dressed like a cow, you got a free sandwich. A chicken sandwich! 

Did someone say CHICKYUM??? 
Carma with a moo sign and Scooby in a cow outfitCarma with cow bell

No one had to tell me twice to get ready! I transformed into a Cowdle and Scooby became a cow-wahwah. Scooby wore a cow costume and I had ma put my hair up like horns. I also wore purple spots and a sign that said MOO! If you turned the sign around it said " I MOO for chickyum". I didn't have to moo but I did get my photo taken a lot. 

I got a chickyum sandwich and when the lady asked ma if that was all, Ma said "I have 2 cows". She was holding Scooby in her arms. She turned him around to let them see him and everyone smiled and laughed. She then rang our Glogirly cat bell. No one told them it was a cat bell. It sounds like a cow bell, looks like a cow bell so they thought it was a cow bell. 

I am a service dog and I can go into restaurants but Scooby isn't. Ma held him the whole time and after ordering we went outside to wait for our sandwiches. It was the fastest we have ever got food! 

We had to be fast because ma was afraid that Scooby would overheat. She kept checking him to make sure he wasn't panting to heavily but he wasn't panting at all. 
Scooby and Carma in front of Cow Appreciation Day sign

While we were there , we got to meet a real cow! Her name was Rosie. Ma set Scooby down and the bell rang. Rosie started MOOing! She thought it meant it was dinner time. Her handler had to give her a handful of feed. 
*Note to self- cows think catbells are dinner bells*
A cow behind Scooby and Carma Poodale
I think Scooby was afraid that Rosie would think he was her baby. He kept a close eye on her. 
Chihuahua dressed up like a cow.
Seriously, have you ever seen a cow this cute?? He loved the attention he got. He is a serious attention hog but he was dressed like a cow. We ran back to the car with our sandwiches in the bags. Ma stripped our little cow out of his costume and cranked up the air conditioner. Scooby tried to put the cow outfit back on! 

Would you dress up like a cow to get a free sandwich?? 


  1. Oh.My.Dog. Carma, you and Scooby look terrierific as cows! And a free chickyum sandwich for each of you?!? You are spoiled, spoiled, spoiled. :-)

  2. That's to good. Love the look!

  3. You two look so cute. Did you share your checkyum samwiches with ma?

  4. The cow-wahwah is terrific ! Purrs


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