Why I Haven't Wrote In A While

  Its Monday and I hope you are have a great start to the week. I thought I would catch everyone up on what has been going on with the Allen family. I know I haven't really blogged much lately but hopefully since everything has calmed down around here, I can get back on track. 

Sissy Sarah moved to Western Ky University on the 16th of this month. She is now a official college student. We had to do a lot of shopping, alot of packing and a whole lot of figuring out how it would fit in the van. 

The van was so full that they didn't leave room for ME! Ma said I had to stay home to babysit the other fur kids. grr... She did tell me I could go next time she went to visit sissy. Still waiting for that.  

Van loaded movint to college

Sarah waiting for room at Western Ky University
Official #Hilltopper 
Sissy is doing great in college. She has met a lot of new friends and connected with classmates who are attending also. Right now she is having dog withdrawals. She misses petting us. 

A couple days later Scooby and I were racing in the big field we go to and my paw went into a hole. I went tail up and twisted my back when I slammed to the ground. Ma kept asking me if I was okay. She had ran to me when she seen it happen. Ma never runs. I got up,shook the grass off and started walking back to the car. I would take a few steps and sit down, take a few steps and sit down. Ma put me in the car and since it was 7:30 at night we went home. When we got home I jumped out of the car and ran to the door. I acted like I was okay for a couple of hours and was even playing with Scooby. I kept sitting laying down to play with him. 

Ma checked me over and even applied pressure along my back and legs and I didn't flinch or anything. Ma gave me a aspirin just in case I was sore or anything. The pill made me feel pretty good but a couple of days later I started acting like I was hurting so ma took me to my vet. He wanted ma to walk me up and down a long carpetted area so he could see how I walked. The first time I walked fine but once I seen I was on a carpet, I started walking, stopping and posing. I was waiting for the pupparazzi to take my photo. BOL! The doc asked what I was doing, ma told him when I walk a carpet like that I am usually at a blog conference or a fashion show so I always pose. The doc laughed and asked one of his assistants to walk me. I started bunny hopping after the 3rd run up the carpet. 
They took a couple of xrays of my back and hips. Doc had told ma they may have to sedate me since some dogs won't lay still enough to get good photos. Ma said I would be fine without sedation. I laid there like a pro! 
Poodle on a xray table.
I did hurt my back but a couple of weeks of rest and muscle relaxers were my follow up instructions. Ma told me no public work as a service dog for a couple of weeks. I did not like that. The pills made me feel good and whenever she would try to leave the house, I would block the door or try to go out it first. Ma started sneaking out the back door in order to get out of the house. I caught on to that real quick. She finally decided to stay home so I would stop worrying about her when she was gone. So we have both been homebound for a couple of weeks. Ma has been busy doing chores that she has put off for too long. 

I have been babysitting the piggies when they are outside. I had to do some type of work because I am a working dog. I have been keeping an eye on ma while she has been doing her chores. 

A couple of days ago ma took Scooby and I took the little field that we enjoy going to so I could get some of my bottled up energy out. Scooby and I ran and played. It was short runs but it still felt good. 

Saturday I got to go to Farmers Market and see some of my friends. I think its really neat that so many people know my name there. I feel like a rockstar when I show up. I love the kids that come to see me. Dad was with us a couple of Saturdays ago and as we were walking through a gentleman said "Hi Poodale". Others had said "hi Carma". Dad asked ma if they knew her name. Ma said no. Dad just smiled and walked on. 
Carma at Farmers Market
Aww, that is the spot. 
Yesterday I finally got to go to the big field to run. I was in heaven. Now I am back to myself, things are getting back to normal and life is good. 
Poodle looking down a hole in the ground
Hello?!  Wabbit are you there? 
I hope you have a wonderful week. I know I will. 
Thank you for taking time to read this. 
Have a marvelous Monday! 
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  1. Oh Carma, I am so glad you are better. A sore back is just terrible. You keep an eye on your Ma but don't do too much hard work.

  2. So glad you are back to feeling yourself Carma! My mom understands, I'm much better known that she is! ~Shasta

  3. So glad you are feeling better!

  4. So glad you are feeling better, Carma!

  5. We're glad you're feeling better ! Purrs

  6. Hey Carma, glad to hear you're doing better. We know that working dogs need their jobs, just take it easy and don't over do it. We need our poodle fixes. Stay well, girl. ;)


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