Oh Where Oh Where Did My KFC Go?

Someone posted today that our local KFC that is closest to me was closing and a Krispy Kreme is moving in. That perked my curiosity up and I begged ma to take me one last time to get the world's best chickyum (in my mind).
I got brushed and put my maryjane socks on and away we went. When we pulled up in the parking lot I rushed to the door like I always do. I waited and waited but none of the girls opened it for me like they always do.
Carma Poodale at KFC
Why are they closed?
 I waited some more but then I started seeing things that didn't look right. Where was the big letters, KFC? Where was the photo of the Colonel that was at the end of building?? Why did the sign on the door say CLOSED??
 We walked around the building and seen that most of the signage was gone. This only meant one thing.... I wasn't getting any chickyum.
Carma in front of the KFC building
Only thing left was the colonel sticker.
Yes Owensboro, our KFC on Frederica St is now closed. It makes me so sad. Now we have to go to hwy 54 to get our chicken. That makes me even more sad.
Goodbye Frederica St. KFC.
I will miss you

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  1. Oh, Carma, I'm so sorry. I know how much you loved your KFC checkyum. Ma will have to drive further to get you some. Ma loves you so she will.

    There is no KFC near me. It's far away and I would have to take a train or two buses to get there.


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