B/W - Scooby Met A New Friend

Saturday we went to PetSmart to pick up some guinea pig food. While we were there we ran into my groomer and ma asked her if she had time to do a touch up on me. She said to give her just a couple of minutes to go wash her hands and she would meet us in the salon. 

While she was shaving my face and feet, Scooby and ma waited outside the salon. Scooby likes to sit on the bench and people watch. Ma likes to look at the grooming goodies. Ma decided to take a few photos of Scooby ,he had his spider scarf on and he did look really handsome. After ma took a couple photos a small boy sat down on the bench. Anytime ma would say Scooby's name to look at the camera, the little boy would bend over to try to get in the photo. Ma asked the boy if he would like his photo with Scooby and he said yes. 

The boy scooted over and bent over to be closer to Scooby and ma took the photo. As soon as she finished taking the photo the boy's mother came around the corner and told him she was ready to go. We found out his name was Hayden. When we got home ma was looking through the photos and came across the boy with Scooby. 

Scooby was giving the boy a kiss as ma snapped the photo.....
Scooby and a small boy


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