Wish Fairies and #SuperBloodMoon

Did you get to see it?? Did you get to see the eclipse? We partially did. The clouds parted for a few minutes so that we could see the moon as the earth passed between it and the sun.
Whenever there is a full moon or a meteor show or even a starry night, ma and I are outside enjoying it together. She always tells me she loves me from the moon and beyond.

Last night while we waited for the eclipse to complete, we even seen some shooting stars. Ma told me to make a wish but I didn't know what to wish for considering my wishes came true years ago.

When I was a puppy, I wished that I would find the right home. You know, a forever loving home... My wish came true. One day I was watching that box you call a tv and seen a dog that had a job. I wished that I had a job...my wish came true. A couple years ago I wished I had a kitty to take care of...my wish came true.

The thing about wishes is that you have to really think about what you are wishing for. When you wish for something you can't just sit around and wait for it to happen. You have to work for it. All the things I wished for I had to work hard for. I had to prove that I was able to continue to keep what I wished for. The wish fairy just helps you along the way to get what you want.

I wished for a forever home...I had to work hard to show I deserved that home and could abide by the rules of the house. It took me 3 tries but I finally found what I needed. 
Carma in pink tiara
I wished I could have a job...I had to work hard to learn what I was being trained for. A service dog goes through rigorous training. Its just  not behaving in public. We have jobs whether its medical alert- to let our handler know something is about to happen, mobility dogs-to help the handler walk, get up or down out of chairs, walk up or down stairs etc. Guide dogs-helping blind handlers walk through crowds or even just from point A to point B. Dogs who pull wheelchairs, pick up items, help pay for purchases or pushing buttons to open doors or go up a elevator. Service dogs have jobs that they have been trained to do. 
poodle in service vest
I wished for a kitty- I had to work to show I was responsible enough to have a kitty. I had to prove to the pawents, I wanted a kitty. I watched kitty shows on tv and talked to those kitties, I was a spokesdog for a no kill shelter and proved I wouldn't hurt or chase any of those kitties and when a kitty FINALLY showed up at our house, I had to prove I could help take care of it and be nice to it. Molly Mew was a kitty that had to be rescued from under the hood of a car and I had to convince the pawents to keep her. 
cat in a tree
All my big wishes have came true so I didn't know what to wish for. The clouds were slowly moving back in and there were times that we couldn't see the moon at all. I wished that it would clear up so that we could see more of the eclipse and then it happened.....
#SuperBloodMoon eclipse

full eclipse of the #SuperBloodMoon

 There it was! barely any clouds and the moon in the sky just staring at us. Ma kept saying "YES! THERE IT IS!" She was happy to get the photos of the moon. It won't do this again for another 18 years and I know I won't be here to see it again but hopefully she will. When she sees it again, she will think of me. She will remember the times that we have shared together staring at the moon and the stars together. So I guess you could say, my wish came true again. I wished for memories and that is what I got.

Thank you clouds for parting long enough for ma and I to share time together watching it happen. The wish fairy gave me my wish once again.....

Apparently, the camera fairies have a sense of humor because ma also got a photo that looked like 2 moons in the sky. I guess you can say, we were "mooned".
photo of 2 moons in the sky
Did you see the eclipse?? 
Did you make a wish??


  1. Such a sweeet posting Carma. I truly wish you many more years w/Ma and all the many people you love and love you. Too you from my wish fairy. Sending you love as always.

  2. I didn't see the amazing moon. Sad face.

    1. Sorry to hear that. It was a beautiful moon!

  3. I missed the blood moon, my humans were watching football!

    1. That is so sad! You missed a beautiful moon.

  4. We did see part of the eclipse, it was very cool! Right afterwards I saw your cool eclipse photos on Instagram! I can't believe you got such awesome photos of it, you must have a great camera. I had tears in my eyes reading your post, especially at the end, it's really beautiful. Carma P is even more special than I realized (-:
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  5. The blood moon and eclipse were pawsome in Denver, Carma. Glad you got to see it. Very cool thing and it won't happen again for 18 years. Sadly the wish fairy said my camera wouldn't translate very well so we have to see photos captured from blogville. ;)

  6. Great photos of the blood moon. Trees were blocking our view, so we didn't get such spectacular photos.

  7. Beautiful post, Carma ! We didn't see the eclipse, we were all sleeping... Purrs

  8. My daughter and I watched it together on the phone 500+ miles apart. It was a cool experience - the moon and talking with her!


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