#Caturday-Molly Mew Has A New Friend

{Molly puffs up}

cat crouched down

Molly Mew: What is that?? 

Molly Mew walking toward fence

 Molly Mew: Let me get a closer look

Molly Mew looking at yellow cat

Molly Mew: Who are you and what you want?

yellow cat behind fence

Yellow Cat: I new here and I think you pretty

Cat with ears back

Molly Mew: You better be nice or I will call my siblings over
Yellow cat: Are those your siblings over there?? 
Molly Mew: SCOOOBY!!!!!!!!

dog looking at cat

Scooby: Who you?? You better not hurt my Molly
Yellow cat: Whoa! I just thinks her pretty
Scooby: No funny business, you hear me!?

scooby talking to yellow cat

Scooby: Don't you get any ideas about coming in here.
Yellow Cat: You the Scooby the other cats talk about?
 The street smart Scooby?

yellow cat standing up

Scooby: Yep thats me! Now no funny business
Yellow cat: Where did that pretty girl go? 

Carma Poodale talking to cat

Carma: You new to the neighborhood?
Yellow Cat: I sure am. Just looking to make friends
Molly: You stay on that side of the fence and we can be friends

Carma,Scooby and Molly looking at yellow cat

Scooby: If you come on this side of fence, you will be chased!
Carma: Welcome to the neighborhood yellow cat
Molly: Is it safe to be friends, Carma? 
Carma: Yep I think so but if he gets in the yard, he will be chased.

yellow cat looking at 2 dogs

Yellow cat: WHOA! No chasing required! I stay over here.

yellow cat looking around

Yellow Cat: Seems like a nice family. She sure is pretty.
Pretty enough to risk getting chased for. 

Yellow cat showed up a few days ago but has sat and watched us play in the yard. He is a young male. He is very playful towards the pawents, will even let them touch him but he is leery to Scooby and me.  

As long as he stays on the outside of the fence everything will be okay. Ma says if he gets in the yard she will trap him and have him neutered. She will release him to go back where he belongs but he will be missing a few items ;) 

Yes, Molly Mew has been altered so no risk of kittens but we still don't need a male spraying in our yard. 

Happy #Caturday!!! 


  1. it makes me sad because he probably wishes he had a family like yours and that is why he is watching. Or....could he have a family and just be an outdoor cat?

    1. I think he is just a neighborhood kitty. Seems like when new people move in many new pets show up.


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