WW- A Poodle And Her Piggies

Poodale and her 2 guinea pigs

Mama Hawk is back with 2 of her babies. She is teaching them how to hunt. I have to stay right beside my piggies so that she and her family stay away. I have seen that hawk grab birds in the air and even had it go after the nubby squirrel. If you missed it you can read about the time Scooby and I saved the nubby squirrel

Mama Hawk is so quite when she comes after her dinner, you don't even know she is around until it is too late. 
I keep my piggy siblings safe while they are in the yard. I don't think mama Hawk wants to mess with me again. If she does, I am ready to take her on again. I WILL keep my piggies safe. 

Wednesdays Wags from me
Wednesdays Wheeks from Cinnamon and Cookie!! 


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