We Were Blessed

One of my friends invited us to a event a few weeks ago and Sunday morning Facebook gave us a reminder to attend. It was a pet blessing event at the Century Christian Church here in Owensboro.

Guess what? I got blessed. Scooby also got blessed!! 
Carma Poodale looking up
Since we have never been to anything like this, we didn't know what to expect or how many other guest would be there. Ma wanted to bring Jenny Sue along but didn't know if it would stress her out to much but now we wish we would have brought her. I think she could have handled it. 

There were many other dogs there to be blessed. We tried to take photos of them all but between the sun in ma's eyes or being in the shaded areas, our photos didn't turn out the best they could be. I still wanted to share them with you all. 
Carma Poodale and Scooby Doo at the Century Christian prayer garden

The blessings to place in the prayer garden. Its a lovely area that the church has worked hard to make it a beautiful place to gather your thoughts. 
Rev. Campbell officiating the service
Rev. Campbell officiated the service. He is a really nice man who made me feel very welcomed. Honestly, I think he would have looked better in a Ky Wildcat sweatshirt but I won't hold it against him (tee hee) 

Lots of dachshunds

Dogs and their pet parents

brown dog with owner
There were a lot of dachsunds, a boston terrier and some other large dogs. I thought it was a wonderful turn out. 
Carma Poodale and a black minature poodle
There was even a mini me there! The miniature black poodle was a little leery of me but I tried to make him feel as comfortable as possible by just ignoring him. I wasn't trying to be rude or anything but I was also working and I shouldn't pay attention to anyone or anything else but my ma. 
Large dog trying to sit in man's lap
Ma started giggling at this dog. He was either trying to bless the Reverend or trying to steal his chair. Whatever he was doing it was funny. 

Ma also said she would like to attend a service at the church soon. Rev. Campbell had a good aura and was very welcoming. He made us feel like we had been friends forever. Ma said she would have to talk to the church first to see if they would mind if I attended with her. Churches do not have to follow the ADA so it is up to the disgression on the church whether they will allow service dogs to join their handlers. 

Q34. Are churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and other places of worship required to allow individuals to bring their service animals into the facility? 
A. No.  Religious institutions and organizations are specifically exempt from the ADA.  However, there may be State laws that apply to religious organizations. 
*source-ADA-Service animals Q&A

Carma Poodale and Scooby Doo being blessed

 Scooby Doo and I have been officially blessed. 
I feel I have already been blessed. I have a home, food, vet care, a job, a blog, friends who love me and a family that loves me.
What more could I ask for? 
Have you ever taken your pet to get blessed?

I hope you have a beautiful blessed Monday! 


  1. Ma has always wanted to take me to be blessed but she never has. Sigh. But I feel the same way as you Carma...we are blessed with our families and friends who love us every day.

    1. Yes we are already blessed. We wanted to attend due to not ever being to a event such as this and we are so happy that we attended.

  2. Having a loving family blesses us all.

  3. We've always wanted to do this! Thanks for sharing your wonderful day!!

  4. That sounds amazing! We'll have to watch for one!

    1. It was! Thank you for stopping by. Have a beautiful day!

  5. That sounds amazing! We'll have to watch for one!

  6. This is such a wonderful thing!

  7. I haven't yet. I want to though! There was an event near by us that was hosted by a rescue recently.

    1. Hopefully in the future you can. Thank you for stopping by!! Have a wonderful night

  8. I haven't taken Delia and Chewy to be blessed, but I have taken shelter pets in the past. I need to get on that for De and Chewy! It looks like a wonderful turn out and I hope the church allows you to attend with your Ma. It is so nice when you find a pastor your feel comfortable with, who makes you want to attend.

    1. Hopefully you can get Delia and Chewy blessed in the future. Ma said it was important to her. If its important to ma then its important to us.

  9. So beautiful! So glad that you got to share this moment together!

  10. We have! Our church does this each fall and I've taken the dogs (and a couple cats in carriers, even) to it twice. :) There were SO many pets, and it was heart-warming to see how their people doted on them so much.

    Glad you got the opportunity, too! I hope they let you attend with your ma, Carma. One of our past ministers would bring his dog, Spooner (a poodle mix), to church with him sometimes. Everybody loved when Spooner was there.

    Also, "Ma started giggling at this dog. He was either trying to bless the Reverend or trying to steal his chair." bwahahahaha

    1. So glad to hear that you had Dewi and JF plus the cats blessed. I bet those cats really needed it ,but this is from a dog's point of view. BOL! Thank you so much for stopping by.


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