WW- Stalked By Geese

Geese swimming toward Carma Poodale

Ma and I like to go to the lake up the road. On this day that we went , there were some geese across the pond. When those geese seen us they jumped in the water and started coming toward us. We started walking and the geese started following.

They would swim past us and then turn around and swim toward us. Ma said if those geese came up on shore and started coming after us, I better be prepared to run. 
Carma Poodale watching geese

Don't worry ma, I will knock you down and run away as fast as I could. BOL! 


  1. Geese are nutty birds! They make us nervous too when they follow us.

  2. They're coming! BEHIND YOU!!!

  3. Geese are pretty tough characters. I'd start running now.

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