B/W-Hometown Statue in Owensboro Ky

Last month, ma and I went to downtown to pay the taxes on the house. We had to park on the street that was on the back of the courthouse and walk to the side to go in. Ma noticed a statue that she hadn't seen before since we normally don't park on that side of the courthouse.

We walked passed the bronze statue , paid the bill but when we came back out , we stopped to admire the detail of the statue.
Carma in front of statue at Owensboro Court House

This statue is of a man and woman sitting on a bench. The statue is called Hometown It looks like they were having lunch together. The lady in the statue is looking over blueprints and the gentleman has his arm on his tool box. In the toolbox are hand held tools like a saw, hammer, measuring tape and pliers.

Each tool was beautiful crafted. The detail of the statue is pristine. It is one of those types of art that the more you look at it, the more you see. I know today is black and white Sunday but I thought you would like to see the statue in its true color.
Owensboro Ky statue called Hometown
Our city has updated our downtown riverfront and have added many statues. If all this rain ever goes away, I will share more photos of the statues and parks. It will give you a taste of what Owensboro Ky is like.
Have a Serene Sunday. 


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