Finding a Way To #MixItUp To Give My Food a Boost

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I love to go to PetSmart. I could browse those aisles all day. I am as familiar with our local store's layout as the people who work there. There have been many times that ma and I have helped someone locate a product. Whether ma says we are there for the guinea pigs, Molly Mew or Jenny Sue's food, I can take her right to it.

When she says she needs to pick up our food, I take her right to the aisle that has Nature's Variety. I may not be a food expert but I am a expert on food that I like.

Carma Poodale with Raw Boost Mixers

Scooby and I are fed a rare diet. I like my food warm and served on the fine china. Ma says the china is just a paper plate but to me its fine china. Being on a rare diet, I don't think ma gets everything in there that we need nutritionally. Thank dog , Nature's Variety has a product called Instinct® Raw Boost Mixers .

Instinct Raw Boost Mixers provides: • Pure animal protein for lean muscles and strong bones • Natural ingredients for optimal nutrient absorption • Nutritious oils for healthy skin and coat

Even if you don't feed raw or a rare diet to your pet, Instinct Raw Boost Mixers can enhance the flavor of their favorite food. Right now, they have sample sizes for you to try. They retail for $1.99 and depending on the size of your pet, you can get 2 or 3 feedings out of a bag. It doesn't take many pieces to give them the boost that they need.

Instinct RawBoost Mixers trial sizes

It comes in chicken or beef flavors. I love them both. I could eat the whole bag but ma won't let me. Since this post is to bring awareness to the Raw Boost Mixers, I won't get into all the ways that we use it. I will talk about that later this month.

Jacob smelling the Raw Boost Mixers

I did take a bag to my mamaw's house so her dogs could try it out. She is always looking for things to make their food better. She feeds a rare diet to her pups also. She was happy to hear there was something that she could add to her dog's food to make the food healthier. I had to show my dog cousins that i would eat the mixer pieces before they would even try it. They look up to me. Really, they do since I am so much taller than they are. :)

Mamaw couldn't get over how fast her picky dogs took the food. Ma told her about the food and where to find it in the store. Next week mamaw will be coming up to go shopping with us at PetSmart to get her own bags. She liked that Instinct Raw Boost Mixers is all natural, freeze dried raw nutrition in a convenient and easy-to-serve form.

I took a video where I find the food in our PetSmart store. If you want to meet me at PetSmart I will gladly show you where it is located. If you search a PetSmart close to you, its on the 3rd row up from the grooming salon.

You can connect with Instinct on. their website. Check out Where to buy to see if your PetSmart has it in stock. They are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Want to see more videos?

Instinct Raw boost Mixers falling into bowlAdd a little zip and health boosters to your dog's food. Whether you feed kibble, raw or rare, Instinct Raw Boost Mixers can be what your dog is missing. They also make it for CATS!

In my next post I will tell you all the fun ways that we #mixitup to give me the boost that I need.
Would this face lie to you?? 
No, it wouldn't.
Carma Poodale wearing a Natures Variety Instinct Scarf
Will you visit PetSmart to buy a sample bag of Instinct Raw Booster Mixer? 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Nature's Variety. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. From a fellow Standard, we'l have to try some of that stuff out. :)

  2. they sound like some pretty good stuff
    Lily & Edward

  3. We love Raw Boost Mixers! <3 We got the chicken one and really enjoying it! :) You look adorable in orange color! <3

    1. They really are good. I can't wait to tell everyone about the taste and ways we use them.

  4. My boys love these as training treats, and I love them because they offer real nutritional benefits! Go #MixItUp!

  5. We don't eat raw here, but I can see how these would be great to add to Nike's regular food for a little pick-me-up! Thanks for sharing; maybe we'll give these a try!

    1. That is the great thing about these boosters. It helps with all sort of foods like kibbles, rare, raw or even as training treats. :)

  6. Those mixers sound great! The next time we make it to PetSmart I'll have to check them out!

  7. Thanks for telling us all about the raw nutritional goodness in Instinct Raw Boost Mixers. We took your advice and picked up 3 trial bags at PetSmart & we loved it!! We are not surprised your dog cousins look up to you Carma.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. I am so glad that your dogs loved it. I love the flavor and I hope you find many ways to #mixitup.


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