Groundhog Day In Kentucky

Happy Groundhog Day!!! 

Kentucky doesn't have its own groundhog but we have a Cinnamon, the guinea pig! What does Cinnamon say about the weather and is spring around the corner????
Cinnamon the Guinea Pig looking out of his cave
What does he think? We see flowers poking up out of the ground but they have been poking up all winter. We seen the geese flying north yesterday but they were so high that I was in awww.
Cinnamon the guinea pig looking out of his cave
Smells like spring

Cinnamon the guinea pig walking out of his cave
I don't see my shadow
I know! The photos are not enough to convince you that spring is around the corner. I know! I hear you saying you want to see it with your own eyes. He insisted I showed you all of his cuteness in its entirety. 

Here you go.......

(applause, applause)
There you have it! Cinnamon the Kentucky "ground hog" says spring is right around the corner!!

What do you think?? 
Do you think he is right??? 

PS- He did this all in one take. He is such a professional when he knows the spotlight is on him. :)


  1. That groundhog is a knucklehead
    Lily & Edward

  2. I'm sure there will be a few ups and downs before Spring totally arrives. Spring is such a fickle season. ღ

  3. Adorable!!! Much better than any ground hog


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