Help Me Pick Out a New Haircut!

Ma refers to me as a "hot mess".
 My hair has gone wild. 
My floof goes floop. 
That is a floof with a flop. 
So, I need YOUR help. 
Carma Poodale on the lake

All I do is huff and puff because I am HOT! 
What is a pooh to do but to ask for a little help from her friends. 
How can you help? 

Help me pick out a new hairstyle!!! 

Yep, You heard me, I need a new hair doo. I talked to a few of my poodle friends on a poodle group I am on. They sent me photos of their poodles that had all different trims. There are a few styles that I really like. 

The problem is I liked them all !! This is a new year, I have had the same Einstein , Phyllis Dillard, Wild child look for years and now I am 10 years old. I am a mature poodle now. *laughing under my breath* I need a mature look. 

The clip won't be exact. My clip will be a little bit different because I am me. I am not just a standard poodle, I am a POODALE. As my good friend Oz says I should always "Be the Poodale". 

I have an appointment with my awesome groomer, Emily at Petsmart on March 8th.

Without further ado, here are the choices of hairstyles from my friends on my poodle group: 
Miami Clip on Poodles
Miami  Clip

Etta in short clip
Short clip

Poodles in German Clips
German clip

Poodle in hunting clip
Charlie owned by Jessica
color stencils on a poodle
Ivy owned by Shelly
Black poodle in lamb cut
Sasha in lamb clip
Owner - Monique 
medium clip on black poodle
Zena , Owner - Rose
white poodle in semi show clip
Porche  owned by Claudia
Porche is 10 years old like me! 

pink poodle
Owner- Melanie
Short clipped poodle
Snoop owned by Sarah
3 poodles in different clips
Halo Poodlington Owner- Julie
Black poodle with Santa
Lilly owned by Donna and Mike
Last but not least.....
Mary suggested a "corded" Poodle. :)

mop headed poodle

So what do you think??
Which clip would look great on me? 

A huge THANK YOU for everyone who submitted photos for this post! 

Now its time to pick my new dooooooo!!! 
Come on friends, Tell me in the comments what you think I should get.


  1. I like the Charlie and the Sasha. My toy poodle Mr. Tuvok has the Charlie. Cute blog I'll be back
    Retro rover

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I would love to have you come back. We talk about everything on here.

  2. Hi Carma, Bunny - I think you'd look great, Carma, in the short clip or the lamb clip, in that order. Hope that helps! Your friend, Jody & the gang at Bark & Swagger!

  3. Etta or Lucy for the win!

    1. Aren't they both beautiful? I love that clip too.

  4. We like the short clip, we think it gives you a pretty and natural well-groomed look. Purrs

    1. That is the one that I am leaning towards too.

  5. You will be gaw-geous in any style but I love the Miami cut. ♥

  6. I like Lucy or Bella. Nothing with dye. I know you'll be gorgeous!

  7. They are all cute. We know why you had trouble! Our vote is Ella or Sasha. Denise & ~Shasta You'll look great regardless though, can't wait to see your new hairdo!

  8. AS for me, they all look really cute. I can't even choose one. Though my friend from homework writing service has a poodle and his haircut looks like Barbara's.

  9. You'll look great in any of them, but I am partial to the short clip or German clip with fluffy ears.

  10. You can't fool us.... We know you're drooling over Ivy's artwork!
    Annette @PetsAreFound


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