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Weruva Cat Litter Legal Jargon
We have been buying Molly Mew the same litter since the day we got her. Though her litter helped to control odors, there are things that drives ma nuts. Ma is constantly sweeping up litter. Even with the mats and towels that she keeps around the box , Molly Mew still gets litter everywhere. Some days we think Moly is trying to dig to China. Last month the store didn't have our regular litter in stock so ma bought a different version of the litter we normally buy. That was a mistake. The more Molly dug, the more dust she threw. The more dust she threw, the more ma had to dust the furniture that is near the box and we even found a fine dust floating on top of the aquarium water.

It was time to try something different! When Blogpaws put out a call for bloggers to try out the new litter by Weruva that used hinoki and green tea, I was all over it. Crossed my paws and hoped that Molly Mew would get chosen to try the litter and I would get to write about it. Molly Mew was one of the kitties chosen to try out the new litter! When I told Molly Mew that we would be having a #CatTeaPotty she got excited. 

This is our honest opinion of the WeRuVa cat litter. 
Weruva litter information

The reasons this litter caught my eye was the fact that it is super low dust and it has a natural odor control. There are no heavy perfumes put in the litter which means that it would be safer to use around the guinea pigs. Molly's kitty box is in the same room as the fish tank and guinea pigs. This means whatever litter we use needs to be safe to use around them too. 

That is the main reason that we worry about dust. Once ma started seeing the dust floating on the aquarium water she knew it was time to switch. If the dust is making its way in the air high enough to hit the water, it has to mean that the guinea pigs are inhaling the dust too since they are lower on the floor. It may not be a lot of dust but with guinea pigs you have to be careful about their environment. This litter is grain and clay free. 

We were aware of what green tea was but what was this hinoki wood? We have never heard of Hinoki wood. True hinoki is a slow growing cypress that grows only in Japan. Current studies with aroma-therapy indicate the effectiveness of Hinoki to reduce stress.

Weruva says "We love mother earth just as we love our pets, so sustainability & stewardship of our resources are paramount. To ensure the responsible use of Hinoki, the wood we use is a salvaged by-product of other industries such as the piano & construction industries. A new tree is also planted for every tree used!"

The characteristics of Hinoki Wood naturally curb humidity and Green Tea contains catechins. These both work together to suppress the growth of mold and bacteria which in turn aids in odor control.  

Weruva cat litter

It was time to have a #CatTeaParty! 

Molly sniffing the Weruva cat litter

Molly seemed to be very interested in her new litter. She immediately started sniffing it. She started touching it but then she walked away. 

We had a little trouble with trying to do this review. Remember I said it was a honest review so I am being honest with you. The trouble we had was not due to Weruva, it was because of ma. She didn't read the instructions! Yes there are instructions on the bag. 

Instructions for Weruva cat litter
The instructions! 

Molly Mew is not one of those "some" cats. Ma emptied all the old litter, washed and sanitized the litter box and filled it with the Weruva litter. For almost 2 years Molly has had the same litter and all of a sudden "POOF" it was gone replaced by pellets. That didn't sit well with Molly. For 3 days Molly acted funny like she was sick. She couldn't jump up on her cat tree or even move around without acting like she was in pain. Since it was the weekend ma said that she would take her to the vet on Monday if she wasn't better. 

Ma noticed that the litter hadn't been used. This worried ma. She looked on the bag to see if there was any warnings or something that would explain what was going on with Molly. That is when she seen the instructions!! Ma put a thin coating of Molly's old litter on top of the the new litter and called Molly over to show her what she had done. 

Molly jumped in the box, dug her out a hole and pooped the biggest poop we have ever seen her poop!!!!! The wind coming out of her bottom was really loud! Molly Mew had been holding her poop because she wasn't sure if she should use the litter! POOR MOLLY MEW! Bless her heart! 

The good news is Molly felt a lot better and was back to flying up the cat tree with incredible speed but the best news was that the hinoki wood and green tea contained that odor with all its might. No STINK! We all cheered with excitement and our noses thanked the litter. 

How long does a bag of this litter last? 
One 6.7 lb bag of Weruva litter last

I imagine you want to know more about this litter. You can read about it on the Weruva website. They explain more about how this litter is made and how the ingredients work. You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Want to know where to buy the litter? You can find it on this website

The next couple of days ma mixed Molly's litter up. Molly is getting adjusted to her new litter. The best thing about it is ma isn't constantly sweeping and there is minimum dust due to the old litter mixed in with the new. We love that you don't smell the litter or the contents of the litter. I believe when Molly gets adjusted to the feeling of the new litter that she will be much happier with it. 

Plus it is much lighter for ma to pick up to fill the cat box. It is a lightweight litter. This makes it easier on ma's back. 

Have you ever tried this litter? What did your cats think about it? 
Would you be willing to try it with your cats?  
I would love to hear your thoughts! 

This post is sponsored by Weruva and the BlogPaws® Pet Influencer Network. I am being compensated for helping create awareness around Weruva's brand new natural cat litter, but we only share information we feel is relevant to our readers. Weruva is not responsible for the content of this article.


  1. Poor Molly Mew! Glad your Ma figured out the problem and gave her some of the old litter while she figures out that she likes the new kind even better. Sounds like the #CatTeaPotty does it job in a big way.

    1. Ma should have known better than to change from a granular type to a pellet type without introducing it slowly. That would be no different from changing us from a dry food to a wet food. Ma was really happy that Molly didn't use the plants or potty outside of the box like most kitties would.

  2. Our kitty friend would like to try that stuff
    Lily & Edward

  3. I've had half and half for a month. I'll pee in it but not poo. Luckily I have another litter box for the poo. If you have 1 cat, they should have 2 litter boxes. Just meowin'.

    1. Good to know. I can always use kitty tips. We will set up another box tonight so she doesn't do it again. She had us scared to death.

  4. What interesting ingredients! Sounds great!

    I recently tried out a new litter that I'd thought was going to be unscented. I only sprinkled a small amount on top of the normal litter we use (SWheat). The new litter smelled worse than what goes inside the box.

    Nice to know this one doesn't produce too much dust either. Thanks for trying it out Molly Mew and for letting us all know about it!

    1. I know we hate to use heavily scented cat litter. I light scent is fine but heavy scented cat litter HAS to be bad for kitties, I would think.

      The Weruva has a woodsy scent that is pleasing to the nose. When you pour it in the box you will not see dust flying all in the air. I hope you give it a try.

  5. What a picky kitty! Actually I was surprised my boys didn't have any issue switching to this litter. We all love that it's low dust and it really does take care of odor like nothing else. ~RascalandRocco

    1. I think Molly thought it was the guinea pig food since they have a pelleted food. She never seen pellets in her litter box before. LOL!


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