Global Pet Expo Trip

Guess what??
 I am headed to Orlando, Florida Tuesday morning!!
I am going to a expo called Global Pet Expo

Tuesday morning I will get on a plane 
cloud view from a plane
Our view of the top of the clouds our last flight
This trip will be the first one that ma and I have taken together alone. Normally dad or sissy travel with us. I can handle it on my own and thankfully we have a non stop flight. 

We will be showing you all the new products coming out for 2016! I hope you are following me on all my social channels. I will be posting lots of photos throughout the day. If you can take a few minutes to check to see if we are following each other, that would be great. I want to make sure I am following you too. 

There will be over 3,000 new products and over 150 first time exhibitors. This thing is the length of 13 football fields! There will be no way that we can see everything. Honestly, we probably won't see 1/2 of it but we will try to see all we can. 

We are attending as members of the press to bring you the first look at everything new. 

I will be there with other bloggers that I hope you are following too. If you will be going , please leave your information in the comments. 

I can't wait to start sharing things that I see! I have never been to Orlando so this will be so fun! 

These are the social channels I will be sharing on:

Instagram- CarmaPoodale
Twitter- CarmaPoodale 


  1. Lady Shasta here - that soundz like a lotta fun. My mom haz not bin tue anything like that so far away. Can't wait tue c your pikchurez.

    1. We have never been to this type of expo so we are really excited. I love the fact that I can show everyone all the new products coming out.

  2. I would love to see the Global Pet a Expo one day
    Lily & Edward

  3. Have fun! TW wishes she was going but that whole over the clouds thing is in the way.


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