Pick a Pie Because It Is #NationalPiDay!!!

March 14, a.k.a. 3.14, which is short for the irrational and transcendental number π or Pi. Many restaurants will give free pieces of pie, pizza places will have specials and math teachers will rejoice. 

Being a poodle, math doesn't mean much to me except when it comes to treats but we wanted to share some of our favorite pies and let you choose which one would be the best..

Your choice of pies today are .......
Guinea pig with strawberry on head
 Apple Strawberry with Cinnamon pie

Cinnamon apple pie
 Cinnamon Apple Pie 


Mint Cookie pie
Mint Cookie pie

Which pie would you like? 

*Guinea Pigs enjoyed modeling in the pie pan.*
*Guinea Pigs ate the pie contents after being photographed* 


  1. Pick a pie day sounds like one good holiday to celebrate
    Lily & Edward

  2. Love the pie options...each and every one of them, but kind of partial to Apple Cinnamon. ;)

    1. We love him so much. He is always willing to please ma when it comes to photos. He is a camera buff.


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