Molly Mew Wanted to Stay Out, Ma Wanted to Go In.

Molly Mew, the cat who has a mind of her own and knows how to use it.

Ma told Molly Mew it was time to go in the house. We had been out for a couple of hours with the guinea pigs and it was getting close to dinner time. Molly Mew had things she had to do before she would come in. 

*These are the actual recorded conversations that happened.*

These are the days of Molly Mew's life 

Molly Mew, the cat

Ok, I get it Molly Mew. You love your catio. Now lets go inside. Now what???
Molly Mew the Cat hears something

I don't see or hear anything. Let's go in. You can't stay out by yourself. 
Molly Mew stalling for time
You don't know how to count! Yes, all the fish are in there. Yes, they have said hi. Can we go in now?? 
Cat acting sassy

Molly Mew Allen!!!  *Ma scooped her up in my arms* 
You are going in. I am hungry.


Do you have a sassy cat? 
We sure do!! 


  1. hehehe I think all cats have to be sassy,xx Speedy

  2. Looks like kitty has it's pawrent trained. ;)


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