WW- Fun Plans For A Stress-free Day

poodle and chihuahua with panther statue

Today Scooby, Cinnamon, Cookie and I all get to attend the Kentucky Wesleyan College stress free day!! This is a day to help the college students to relieve their minds from all those finals they have or will be taking. 

We love to help out by spreading smiles, laughter and our fur to pet. 

We are excited to be apart of this again this semester. We have all had baths, we are soft and we really do smell good. 

Wednesday's Wags and Wheeks! 


  1. we bet the students were very excited to see you all

  2. Wow Cookie and Cinnamon get to go too! Poor Molly is in the house by herself.

  3. Bet you put a smile on their faces
    Lily & Edward

  4. No doubt you helped students chill. Good job!


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