#WW -Scooby's Girlfriend

We love our Owensboro PetSmart. We are there every week. I get groomed often there. We also buy our treats and guinea pig food there. 

Scooby Doo adores PetSmart. He has almost every shirt that they sell. Scooby loves his clothes. He will actually ask you to put a shirt on him. One of the joys of going to PetSmart for Scooby Doo is he hopes to see his favorite lady. We refer to Nicole as Scooby's "girlfriend". Nicole is one of the team leaders. 

Smiling #Chihuahua with @Petsmart team leader
Now that is a happy face!
We enjoy seeing all of the workers at our store. From the time we walk in to the time we leave, it is a place where everyone knows our names. Each staff member will say hi when they pass us and some will come by to give us individual attention. That makes us feel like we are apart of the PetSmart family. 

Scooby Doo has adored Nicole since the day he met her. Ma seems to think it is because she kneels down to his level and gives him a back scratching. He will just smile and he is always in full motion due to his excitement of seeing her. 

Scooby so happy to see Nicole he can't stay still.
That is one happy pup there. So happy he can't be still. 
Scooby will walk in and start scanning each aisle with his eyes. When we stop to get supplies for the guinea pigs or to look at the clearance, he will perk his ears up and listen. He can hear her voice no matter where she is in the store. Ma says she can't hear her but can tell she is getting close by the sound of Scooby's whine. The closer she gets, the higher the whine gets. 

The last 4 times we have been in PetSmart , we had just missed her or she was off that day. Talk about a broken hearted chihuahua!! He would be social in the store. He would give the employees attention but when we would get in the car, he would start that high pitch squeal whining. It drives ma NUTS! (That is a short drive for ma ;) ) She would tell him she would bring him back the next day to see her. 

Ma did as promised and took him back the next day and we had just missed her. Ma was afraid he would break the car windows with that whine. The next couple of times we were there, he didn't get to see her. He never gave up hope. 
When he seen her yesterday he was so excited he wouldn't calm down. After she showed him some attention, ma told him she needed to go back to work and we needed to go home. That car ride home was a quiet one. We could actually hear the radio without the Scooby whine. 

Its a wonderful thing when your pets enjoy shopping at their favorite store and enjoy seeing the people who work there. It makes you feel good knowing they put in the extra effort to make pets and working dogs feel special. Because your pet parent doesn't mind spending that extra money on things that we want. 

That is a win win for pets everywhere! 

Does your pets have a favorite to shop? 
What about a favorite person they always look forward to seeing? 


  1. How cute is that? Ok, except the part where he just missed her and started squeal whining. :)

  2. What nice friends you have there. That's a good store to have friends
    Lily & Edward

  3. I'll bet she wears Eau de Bacon perfume too.


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