Pet Friendly Shelters Using Recycled Parts From Tents

Hello!!! Sorry I have been away from my blog but I have had some medical treatments done that have put me a little "behind". By behind, I mean I had medical treatments done to my anal glands. The treatments have required me to be put on medical leave for a week but I am getting better and will soon be back to work. 

While I have been off, ma has been tending to our pack and mostly me, by herself. By time she sits down , her eyelids get to heavy to help me blog. We have been active on our Facebook page  hopefully you are following us there. 

Many of you know that in the summertime, ma puts up our gazebo. We spend a lot of time outside relaxing. We prefer to call it by other names such as, dogzebo, catzebo or petzebo since we all share it. Molly Mew could spend all day and night in it watching the birds and squirrels. 
Poodale sitting in gazebo #dogzebo #carmapoodale
My beautiful dogzebo. 
 Last fall we lost our #petzebo. We had a terrible wind storm that decided to use our gazebo as a kite. It relocated our gazebo to our neighbors yard. We had to call our electric company to give the okay to touch the metal to move it back in our yard. It would have traveled farther if the electric and cable lines didn't catch it. 
Gazebo on power lines
Ma says it is all her fault since she left the top on it so she could continue to feed the stray kitties that come around in the winter. She said she kept the top on to keep the food dry and give the kitties shelter when it rained. 

While trying to come up with ideas to keep the strays and their food dry, she searched our storage building. She found the tent that we bought when Sarah was a pre teen. She always wanted to camp out back. Dad and her would set up the tent,put a tv in it and hang out half the night.  It was perfect to keep food dry and give shelter.
2 person tent
The tent served it purpose all winter. It stayed dry inside, the kitties used it all winter. Now that spring is here it is time for the tent to come down. Ma says it is a eyesore and the kitties which happen to be males, have marked their territory alittle to much for our noses. 

Ma took the tent down and threw it away. She did keep hardware that held the tent up. Ma keeps everything! We have frames from previous gazebos from days past. The posts from the frames are used in projects in the yard. We used some of them for trellis for tomatoes and ma uses the curved posts to protect the pond in the winter. 
Garden pond winterized
Nothing goes to waste. Those bars have protected the pond many times. During the wind storm it blew a heavy limb down off our 50 ft water maple tree. If the bars wouldn't have been across the pond, the limb would have crushed the pond. It bent the bars almost in two. Ma replaced them with the other 2 we had. She covers the pond with a screen or old sheers to catch all those seedlings from the tree in the spring that are falling. It keeps the water clear of them. 

Molly Mew didn't like the fact that there was no catzebo. She loved that gazebo. She spent hours and hours in it. Ma had to figure something out to make the kitty happy. She started looking around to see what she could come up with that would be a temporary shelter until we figured out if we would build a gazebo or buy one. 

Ma decided to use the hardware that was on the tent. She had some curtain sheers that she ran the poles through and pushed the poles in the ground. She positioned the poles far enough apart to stretch the sheers out. She had a window scarf that she added to the other side. It was stretch out a little further than the tent rods so Molly could have the sides covered.  We added some of the older rugs that we no longer used under the sheers and through in the kitty tunnel and a basket.

It didn't take long to catch a Molly Mew in the new setup. 
Guess the saying is true
"If you build it, she will come"

Cat checking her new shelter out.
Molly checked out the shelter and decided it was okay. She said she could live with it for a while. She wanted more. She wanted a spot where the gazebo used to be. She likes that spot. There is always a slight breeze and it is always shady. 

Once again ma had to use her brain. Ma kept saying she smelled smoke. BOL! 
She got a idea! It may not look pretty but it really makes Molly Mew happy. She used the tent cover to make a shade spot. It is held up by one of the rods from a old gazebo.  

Now Molly Mew has 2 spots to hang out. She has other spots in the gardens to hang but these 2 spots really make her very content. 
2 cat shelters made from scrap material in the yard.

The sheer tent seemed to be a favorite. You can't see her but she is in the photo above. She took claim to it really quickly. 

Someone else liked it too. They think it would be a great pigzebo. 

Cat and guinea pig in gazebo

Do you recycle items to build comfort zones for your pets? 


  1. Nice dogzebo (and btw, welcome back-hope you're A-Ok now). We have one and stopped putting the top on it, instead, growing clematis vines up the supports. It's better than no top but we don't have to worry about winds snatching it up like a kite. :)

    1. That is pretty cool that you allow the clematis to grow. We have kept all the sides and ma says she is going to use it to support tomato plants. Love using older materials to make new things for our yard.

  2. You've got a pretty creative mom. Molly Mew is one lucky feline!


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