WW- Stubborn Poodle

Ma- Carma eat your treats

Me- They smell funny

Poodle looking at owner
I don't want to
Ma- Eat your treats

Me- Why? Why do they smell funny

Poodle sticking nose up in air

Ma-I put your vitamin in them. Now eat your treats

  Me- I don't wanna. I don't want my biamininin

  Ma- Eat you treats or take the pill the hard way         

Poodle giving stink eye

Me- I don't wanna and you can't make me

Ma-*Stands up* Yes, I can make you. Last chance to eat your treats. 

Me-* Gobbles treats*  

I was testing ma to see if she would get up to put that pill down my throat. I seen she was serious so thought I better take my pill the easy way. 

She says that it is very important that I take my pill everyday. My vet gave them to her yesterday and after my bloodwork came back, they said it was safe to take. 

We are trying a new method to take care of my cysts that I have. There has been recent studies that shows seborrhea cyst can be relieved without surgery. After a month we should see a difference in them even if it is the smallest ones. 

As the month goes by I will try to post weekly about any results that I have. I doubt it will make a difference in a week so it may be two weeks before I post a update. 

Hopefully this treatment will help and it can save pets from needing surgery to remove the cyst. Though results may vary by breed, age, severity of cyst and other factors. 
Do you have trouble getting your pet to take medications? 


  1. BOL sounds like us. Except this one sticks her finger down our throat
    Lily & Edward

  2. Aw, yes...the poodle stubbornness of which I know all too well. Glad you took your pill the easy way, Carma. Keep us posted about the cyst treatment; those nasty things are the bane for all poodles. ღ


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