BW- Common Signs of UTI's in Guinea Pigs

Cinnamon, our guinea pig is on his second antibiotic. The first antibiotic was for his metastatic. It helped take down the swelling but there was something more wrong with him.

We narrowed it down to also having a severe urinary tract infection. This could have been caused by the first antibiotic. Problem with antibiotics is they kill both the good and the bad bacteria in the body.

Now he is on Baytril and just after a couple of days he was feeling better. He also had to have his teeth trimmed. It took him a day for his mouth to feel better and for him to learn how to eat with shorter teeth.
#GuineaPig eating grass

We have been having a lot of rain lately so the piggies couldn't go out. Ma has been going to the fields that we know are not treated with chemicals and cutting long grass to bring the guinea pigs.

They have really enjoyed nibbling the cut grass but once the rain stopped ma was able to take them out. Cookie and Cinnamon were so excited to be out.
Guinea pig outside the fence

Mr. SassyButt couldn't wait to see if the grass was sweeter on the other side of the fence. It was that moment ma knew he felt better. Hopefully now he will start gaining his weight back. He is so skinny.

Now we are hoping the mastitis doesn't come back because if it does, he will have to have surgery.  He goes for a follow up the end of next week. Hopefully he will be cleared. We will keep you posted.

Common signs of UTI's in Guinea Pigs

If you suspect your guinea pig has or is developed a urinary tract infection, please take them to the vet. Some of the signs are as follow but these are not the only signs. 

1. Strong smelling urine. 
      Guinea pig pee sometimes stinks but if it has a acid smell have your guinea pig checked out.  

2. Straining or wheeking when they urinate
    This is a sign that it really hurts for them to pee. Urinary tract infections can feel like you are peeing fire. 

3. Dark orange or red urinate
    This can indicate blood in the urine. 

4. Their bottom stays wet
    This seems to be a common sign. Upon researching UTI's this was a common complaint among guinea pig owners. We noticed Cinnamon's legs staying wet a few weeks ago. 

Do you have guinea pigs or small animals?? 


  1. No small animals here, much to the disappointment of my cats. 😉 I hope Cinnamon gets a clean bill of health at the vets.

  2. Glad to hear he's doing better. Great news. ღ


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