WW- Cinnamon Hopefully Is On The Track To Wellness

Cinnamon has been a sick boy. He has been to the vet's twice and is now on his second antibiotic.
Cinnamon at vets office

First time it was because he had lumps on his belly and had a awful odor to him. It is suspected that he had mastitis. Male guinea pigs can get mastitis.

His left teet was swollen and hard as a rock. When it was touched he acted as though it was painful. He got a shot of antibiotics.

He was barely eating and wasn't drinking as much as he should. Ma started feeding him with a syringe. She was also giving him water with the syringe. The first couple nights were rough but he started eating on his own.

The first round of antibiotics took the swelling down in his teet but he wasn't eating as much as usual. Ma brushed his front teeth with a child's toothbrush. He sometimes gets hair stuck between his front teeth which can make chewing hurt and he doesn't mind having his teeth brushed.

She noticed that his urine had a dark color and he made noises when he urinated. She said he felt like he had lost weight. When she put him on the scale she discovered he had lost a pound. That is a lot for a guinea pig!!

She made another appointment for him. 

While he was in the vet's office , she showed them his teeth and the doctor said his teeth were too long so they got clipped. He also got another antibiotic to help the urinary tract infection.

2 guinea pigs looking at each other
Tonight we set up the piggie playground. Cinnamon and Cookie need their exercise and socialization. They didn't get to go outside today so they needed some indoor play time.

Cookie knows her buddy wasn't feeling well. She would play in her tube and then she would check on him. It sure made us happy to see him nibbling on his hay. He didn't eat much but he ate.

Hopefully tomorrow he will feel better. I am sure he has to get used to the shorter teeth but we went to the store and got him some watermelon. He doesn't get much but at least it helps to hydrate him and it was soft enough for him to eat.

He could sure use some positive thoughts to get better. Ma hasn't been sleeping well knowing how some guinea pigs don't do well on antibiotics.


  1. Makes me sad to hear how sick this poor little guy has been. Carma, I know if anyone can make him feel better it is your Ma. Sending love, and good health wishes.

  2. Sending you lots of hugs and good vibes Cinnamon
    Lily & Edward

  3. Sending good thoughts. I hope the antibiotics work.

  4. Sending good thoughts. I hope the antibiotics work.

  5. Poor Cinnamon ! We send you tons of healing purrs and hope you feel better soon ! Purrs

  6. We're behind in blog reads but hope this finds the little fella back in the pink and enjoying life fully. ღ


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