#TuesdaysTails- #Adoptable Diabetic Cat In Owensboro Ky

Been awhile since I have done a #adopt-a-pet post but I feel I need to start doing them again. There are too many animals out there that need a home and to many homes are in need of a pet. I will be highlighting pets in my area that need homes.

 I would like to introduce you to Sir Kitty. 
#Adopt #diabetic #cat in Owensboro Ky
Sir Kitty has been diagnosed with diabetes. He is not in a home or a foster home. He is actually living as a store cat and because of this he needs someone who will take care of him and give him the 2 shots of insulin he needs daily.

The store has controlled his sugars the best they can with diet. This worked for awhile but his diabetes has progressed. He is in need of the insulin shots now. The store is unable to give him the insulin because of their store hours and they are afraid that their employees won't give him the proper dosage. 

When you pull insulin into syringes, it doesn't stay good for a long time. The person who would be able to give him his daily shots does not work daily and lives near the store.

This kitty is up to date on his vaccines and already has a history at a local vet. The testing has already been done and the vet can tell his new owners how much insulin and what type he needs. He also needs a non chickyum chicken food. His tummy doesn't tolerate it very well. 

If you or someone you know would love to have a very loving, orange kitty who does great with other cats and small dogs, please let me know. Sir Kitty does well with me and I am a large dog but I am also a calm dog who ignores him. 

Rescues and foster homes will also be considered. 

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  1. Awww, so kind of you to help try to find this handsome fella a fur-ever home who can take proper care of him. Good luck, our paws are crossed. 🐾


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