#WW- A Tale of 2 Cats

Orange kitten named Davy
Is it time to go out yet? 
Davy is starting to get to go out with ma in the afternoons for some outdoor playtime. He is also getting used to all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. 

Ma says it is good to let him find the safe spots in the yard and it allows him to burn off some of that kitten energy. He has been out 3 days this week and those 3 days he slept like a baby all night long. 
The parents feel that if he happens to run out the door while it is open, he will be familiar with the yard. Hopefully this stops him from running across the street or freaking out and fleeing. 

He sure loves his outdoor time. He is learning that he isn't supposed to go out unless he has his harness on. During the day ma works with him to learn his door manners. She opens the backdoor and tells him NO each time he goes toward it. He gets a treat if he doesn't try to go out it. It may be a tiny piece of tuna or a kitty treat. 

 When he sees her get his harness, he gets all excited. He likes to wear his harness. He associates it with fun.
Orange kitten wearing purple harness sitting in tree
Ma set him on our tree so he could get a good look at the whole yard. He seemed to really like it up there but then the roofers in the yard behind us started hammering. Davy jumped out of the tree and ran behind ma. He got a "good boy!! Yay!!" praise for coming to her for safety. 

Since she didn't want him to get overstimulated, she brought him in for the day. All the hammering was loud and we don't want him to get overstimulated. After the workers left, ma took him out for 30 minutes after dinner. 

Molly Mew shows him the areas to run to if he gets scared and they have such a good time playing together. They play together better outside than inside. The sand area is their favorite place. Ma set up different things in the sand like boxes, plants, etc to run around and hide from each other. They love kicking that sand up and digging in it together.
Gray cat looking at orange kittens butt
See anything??
After ma takes Davy in she will let Molly stay out a little longer. Usually when she goes out to check on Molly Mew , she sees her sleeping. That little brother can sure wear his big sister out. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as ma enjoyed taking them. We have a few videos of them playing together outside. I hope you follow me on Facebook. I am planning on uploading them later this week on my page.

Cats make lives better..
Do you allow your kitties to go out?
How do you train your kitties? 


  1. Those two are so adorable! I would love to leash train Mudpie and take her out in the yard, but she is *so* bad with other cats (like violent bad) that I would fear for everyone's safety if she ran into a neighbor kitty.

    1. Oh my! I agree that for everyone's safety to keep her inside where it is safe.

  2. Just don't roam to far away little one
    Lily & Edward

    1. Oh he doesn't. Ma watches him like a hawk.

  3. Replies
    1. It is Molly Mews old harness but Davy doesn't mind that it is purple. Ma says she will buy him his own as soon as he stops growing like a weed.


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