A Walk Around Our Waymond Morris Park- Local Favorite

White poodle by park bench

  Happy Sunday!! 
I usually do a black and white blog post on Sunday's but I wanted to tell you all about my day yesterday. It was so fun. The sky was clear and the temperature was perfect so we took a ride in the corvette. We went to our local park called Waymond Morris Park. The park has a 1 1/2 mile walking track around it. Fishing is allowed as long as you have a license. It is a local favorite.  

The ducks were so pretty and colorful that I just have to share their beauty with you.

Female duck with her babies
There was a mama duck with her babies. She was teaching her babies how to catch the tiny fishies that were in the plants along the side of the pond. They sure were cute to watch.

There were so many beautiful ducks. They were all different colors and each had its own look. Some had more white, more green or more browns. They were swimming around quacking at each other.
Heron on the beach
There was a heron on the side of the pond. Every time we got near it , it would fly to the other side of the pond. Made me think about the heron that was at the Cabin by the lake we used to stay at. We loved watching that bird fish.
Standard white poodle with pink scarf under a tree

I stepped off the trail to let those ducks know that I wouldn't chase them. I am Good Carma. I don't chase birds of no kind. Not even chickyums!
After the birds seen that I wouldn't bother them they went about their day, quacking and swimming along.
Standard Poodle and Chihuahua walking on trail

Scooby and I finished walking around the trail. Dad was in front of us and ma was walking behind us. That was until ma started slowing down and then Scooby and I slowed down to walk beside her.
When we got near the car, we got our leashes back on and got back in the car to go ride around some more.

After riding around a while ,we went home. Dad said that since the weather is supposed to be super nice that we can go for another ride tomorrow and go on a new adventure. He said we might go to another lake. Can't wait to see where we go.

Later that night , ma and I went out to see the hunters moon. The supermoon looked beautiful.

Hunters Supermoon in Owensboro Ky
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie , you go to Domino's. Walk in order a large thin crust pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and black olives then run around the field next to the store until it is ready. It makes sissy and dad happy to see pizza when you walk in with pizza. BOL!
standard poodle walking ahead.

Follow me to another adventure. 
How is your weekend going??
Any fun adventures? 


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