Davy the Kitten Is A Huge Fan Of Jim Cantore

We are weather buffs here. When a hurricane starts, our tv's go on and don't go off until they are over. 

We found out that Davy really likes to watch that hurricane map when it is showing the rotation with the red circle. But we found out something else that he really really likes

Kitten is big fan of Jim Cantore

Davy really loves Jim Cantore! 
He would be playing or laying on the couch but when he would hear Jim's voice he would stop what he was doing and watch the tv. Everytime! 

Then it would get to the point where when he would see Jim on the tv he had to get up there to watch him upclose. It didn't happen with the other weathermen and women. SORRY! 

He kept wanting to give Jim a high paw or to touch him. Davy thinks he has to touch everything. 

Can't wait till the winter time when the THUNDERSNOW comes! We all know how excited Jim gets with thundersnow. Almost as excited as ma gets when we get thundersnow. 

Happy Whiskers Wednesday! 
Are you a weather watcher?? 


  1. That hurricane map is quite interesting with all the colors and changing updates, BOL
    Lily & Edward

  2. Yes it is and when they show that red dot just spinning and spinning it really gets Davy's attention.

  3. that is AWESOME. you will have to get video. no one here watches much TV, though Mozart did get up and smack around Al Roker one morning for no reason :)

    1. I will have to get video. Every time he knew we were trying to video him , he would stop doing what he was doing. Just like a kid!


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