Corvette Adventures- Windy Hollow CampGround Picnic

On Saturday we took the top off the corvette and went for a drive. We stopped at Subway to get the parents a couple of sandwiches and then we went to Arby's to get sandwiches for us. Off on our adventures we went! 
Carma Poodale, Poodle and Scooby Doo , chihuahua smiling in the #corvette
Happy smiles

Price list of cabins, fishing, and camping fees at Windy Hollow Campgrounds
Camping, fishing and cabin rental fees at Windy Hollow Campgrounds

After driving around for awhile we decided to go  to Windy Hollow Campgrounds to have a picnic and check out the property. We would like to find somewhere to go in the summers on the weekend to get away.

Lakefront area is perfect for a picnic.
  We drove around the property and found the perfect spot to have a picnic. We unloaded the car and laid the blanket down. It was time to get to the good stuff...those delicious Arby's sandwiches. YUM!
Poodle looking at a Arby's bag eating the roast beef

After we ate our sandwiches, dad took us for a walk around the lake. Ma stayed behind to finish her meal and she wasn't up to much walking. The property is beautiful with a lot of nice paths around the lake. I like this property.

Windy Hollow has a lot to do the

Facilities Offers:

  • Horse trails
  • Picnic Table
  • Dump Station
  • Full Hookup
  • Game Room 
  • Playground
  • Beach
  • Waterslide
  • Fishing
  • Two Sandy Volleyball Courts
  • Miniature Golf
  • Snack Bar
  • NEW Shower House *(WheelChair Access)
  • Bait Shop & Grocery Store
  • Trails for Bicycles and Hiking
  • Ice
No alcoholic beverages allowed * No minibikes or motorcycles * No guns
* Swim only when guards are on duty * Pets must be on leash

 After we got back from our walk, we went back to ma to sit and take in the peacefulness the campgrounds offers.

Carma Poodale, the standard poodle running toward the camera
Here I come ma!!! 
It was the perfect time to take a selfie with her. 

Bunny Allen and Carma Poodale taking a #Selfie together

We had a great time and being able to sniff all the new smells, getting some exercise and having a picnic together made it a wonderful day. 

With dad behind the wheel, we never know where our next adventure will be. We are exploring our own town and that is something I would recommend everyone to do. 
Dirk driving his corvette #C3 #Corvette
We are off on our next adventure. 

Do you explore your own town??? 


  1. It looks like you had so much fun together!!! So happy for you all it was such a nice weather and you definitely used all of it. Have the best Halloween!!!!!Lily

    1. We do have a great time. Happy Halloween to you!

  2. Local visits can often times be the best. And taking the top down...the BEST! Hope you had a 'yappy howliween!' 🎃


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