WW- Halloween Safety Tips For Pets and Adorable Photos

Gray Cat lady and Orange cat man in victorian clothing
Molly Mew and Davy are ready for the Halloween dance. It is a grand dance so they had to dress in their costumes.

Molly Mew wasn't happy that Davy was her date but Mr. Grey Tabby was not available to attend the dance.

Being Molly Mew, she would not want to miss out on a big dance like this one. She plans on arriving with Davy but they have already promised to go their separate ways and to dance the night away with others.

Please remember this Halloween that as fun as it may be for you , it may not be fun for your pets.
Costumes can scare pets. Strangers coming by can scare pets. 
Doorbells or knocking on the door can cause a pet to become anxious.

What can I do make Halloween safer for my pets??  

1. Keep ALL candy away from pets. - Poisoning from chocolate or xylitol (artificial sweetener) can kill a pet. Even small amounts of chocolate can set off vomiting, diarrhea, increased heart rates and even cause seizures. 

2. Bring your outside pets inside- Don't risk someone walking by your dog and being bit or someone grabbing your cat. Keep them safe indoors. If this is not possible then move them to another part of the house. A place where you can keep a eye on them. 

3. Check to make sure their collars are on with a tag with correct information. If your phone number isn't correct, please buy another tag. There are many pets who slip out of their collars when afraid. it is best to microchip your pet. Call your local animal shelter/ Humane Society to see if they have a low cost solution or make an appointment with your vet. It only takes a few minutes and it could bring your pet home.

4. If you choose to dress your pet up, make sure not to cover their eyes or have parts of the costume hanging low enough for them to trip. No one wants to have an emergency run to the vet. Make sure your pet is on a short leash. Be aware of your surroundings. Children may run up and spook your pet or a stray animal may run out in front of them.

Chihuahua named Scooby Doo dressed like a bee

5. If your pet doesn't seem comfortable with the people in costumes coming to the door, find them a nice quiet spot with a good chew.  Don't forget to pick up your pets favorite treats. Those can help to calm a pet.

Make sure you always know where your pet is. Don't want to leave the door unattended and giving them the chance to escape.

I hope you have a great Halloween. I have a bag of costumes to go through. I like dressing up and getting alot of attention.
Not every dog feels the the same way as me. 
White poodle dressed like a lion
I wasn't to thrilled with this costume.
I am not a cowardly lion :)


  1. Very nice post!!! So much important information how to keep our pets safe during Halloween so they can have lots of FUN!!!!!

  2. Such fun posts. Hey, thanks for the great information. It's so important for people to be more aware of harm their dogs could be presented with during our holidays. Take care!

    1. Thank you for visiting. I know the vet's offices are gearing up for the holidays.

  3. Terrific advice for keeping our pets safe this howliday. Now to figure out how to disconnect the darn door bell. 😇


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