How Our Trip To Our #PetSmart Turned Into Something Special

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Yesterday, Ma and I went to PetSmart to pick up some rabbit food and check out the last minute specials. We browsed the aisles and talked to some of the other shoppers who were there. I helped some customers who were buying jackets for large dogs by trying the jackets on so they could see if they would fit their dogs. Their dog was bigger than me but they could see how much room was left in the coat and knew it would fit.

That was really fun because I love to model clothes. I like to help people. I love to make people smile. It makes my tail wag.

While we were there we met a couple who were on their way to the Owensboro Humane Society to deliver food. After we talked to them a little while we proceeded to walk to the fish aisle to check out the clearance section. One of our friends who work there called ma's name and came walking down the aisle toward us. 

She said she had something that she wanted to give ma. She handed ma an ornament because she thought Ma would appreciate it. 

Ma had to hold back the tears.

#PetSmart #Christmas Ornament with calico guinea pig statue-
 Amber, the friend I am talking about, handed ma an ornament that had a calico guinea pig in it. It reminded Ma of Cookie, our calico guinea pig. Amber told ma they had made up the ornaments and she wanted ma to have one in remembrance of our guinea pigs. 

Let me tell you, this thrilled ma to death. This meant the world to ma. Ma wanted to hug Amber for the ornament but they were calling for backup cashiers and help with customers and she left before ma could give her a hug. 

Ma came home and added some white stuffing to it so the piggie could sit about the PetSmart name and hung it on our tree. We miss our guinea pigs terribly but we have this special ornament to remind us of happier times. 

Ma said she will hug Amber next time we see her. Ma had tears when she hung the ornament but they weren't sad tears. For all we know, they may have given these ornaments to others but we were blessed to have one gave to us. 

This is one of the reasons why we love our PetSmart. The people who work there are our friends. Whether it is the person who rings up our merchandise, the management team or the groomers, they make our shopping experience a personal experience because we have all became friends over the years.

What I love most about our Owensboro PetSmart is the fact that everyone who works there actually does  LOVE PETS

Tell me about your PetSmart. 


  1. Awww, that was so very sweet of your mum's friend and what this season is supposed to be all about. Continued joy and smile whenever you look at that ornament!

  2. This is sooo incredibly sweet and TRULY reflects the spirit of the season! DakotasDen

    1. Yes it is. Thank you for stopping by Caren!!

  3. What a beautiful thought! I'm so happy you got one! <3

    1. We are too. Thank you all for being the best friends a poodle and a ma can have. Love our PetSmart staff!!

  4. Oh that is lovely for your mum,xx Speedy


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