#MomShaming- Scooby Doo, Where Are You??

Yesterday ma pulled a slick one on me but she got paid back. 

First off, she said she was going to the labs to get bloodwork done for her appointment on Wed. and she asked me if I wanted to go but I didn't feel like it. A couple hours later she came home with shopping bags. She had gone to our favorite resale store WITHOUT us! 

I took one sniff of those bags and I let her know I was upset. I huffed and puffed then I stomped down the hallway to my bed and proceeded to have myself a tantrum. She had to go back to pick something up for someone and this time we went with her. 

Scooby and I got to see Ann, the owner. We got to meet and greet with customers and we got to visit with Ann's grandson too. It was good to see them all. 

Ma drove to the PetSmart to deliver the shirt we had just purchased but the girl we picked it up for wasn't working. Scooby and I wanted to look around the store. Ma took us to the back of the store and marched me right into the GROOMING section!!!

Face and Feet groom on Carma Poodale at PetSmart
She didn't want to just say hi to my groomer, she asked if they had any time to do my face and feet trim!! I WAS TRICKED! I got my face and feet shaved and I clearly showed them I didn't want to get my face shaved. I kept moving my head back and forth, up and down and side to side. Ma told me I better behave because the more I fought the longer it would take. MY GROOMER AGREED! They joined forces together just like MOM's do! I had to behave. grrrrr 

I know I look beautiful now with my face and feet shaved up so pretty because 3 customers told me so while we were leaving. That will put a pep in a poodle's steps. 

Ma paid for my groom and we left. We got to the car and she unleashed us like usual. Scooby got in and then I got in. Scooby turned around wanting a treat. Ma told him "We don't have any treats". 

She turned around and put the bag in the car and closed the door. She got in and we drove home. As we pulled into the driveway, her phone started ringing. She keeps it in her back pocket and she didn't get to it before it stopped. She got out of the car and opened the door. I jumped out and she looked around but her phone started ringing again. She answered it and all of a sudden I heard her say....

I am so embarrassed, I will be right there!! 

I thought what in the milk bone was that about? She opened the door and let me in and when the kid asked her what was wrong, she yelled 

Scooby Doo looking innocent- CarmaPoodale.com
I thought the kid was going to fall out of her chair laughing.

I thought how did that happen? She unleashed us at the same time, she put us in the car at the same time and she told us she didn't have any treats. 
How did Scooby get back into PetSmart?? He was IN the car with me! His leash was still in the car.
 How did she leave him at PetSmart if his leash was in the car?? 

She drove back to PetSmart and ran in. He was in one of the employee's arms waiting at the front door. She said he had been keeping her company. 
She said he came running in the doors and she said she knew that dog. She knew it was Scooby Doo but when she looked out, she didn't see our car. 

Ma took him from her and told her she was so sorry. He was IN the car when she looked and couldn't figure out why or when he got out. Then it dawned on Ma.
She told Scooby we didn't have any TREATS. He knows where the treats come from. He must have gone back in to get some treats. 
Thank Dog, he didn't try to steal any! BOL!! 
Scooby doo sticking his tongue out at ma- CarmaPoodale.com

Ma meant we didn't have any treats in the car. We have plenty of treats at home. Well, looks like Scooby Doo is grounded for a week. 

Good one Scooby Doo!

This is classic #Momshaming.
Tell me your story of #Momshaming or tell me if mine is cray cray. 


  1. Oh no!! Glad there was a happy ending to your story!

  2. I am sure he will forgive you for forgetting!! Ha Ha!


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