Our Santa Paws Lives in Canada!

I am a part of a group on Facebook called Cats With Blogs. I am a VERY special poodle to be accepted into this group. Considering I talk about Molly Mew and Dae Dae so much and share many photos, the cat bloggers decided I was fit to be in their group.

Trust me, it isn't easy to be accepted and especially when you are a DOG.

I had to promise not to chase them and they had to promise not to claw or bite me. We came together in unison and I have been thrilled. I have learned so much about cats and how they think.
This has to make me the WORLD's SMARTEST POODALE.

red and white wrapping paper on cat presents from Canada for santaPaws

Every year they have a gift exchange between them. Paula from Sweet Perfections, organizes it every year. Names are drawn and no one knows who their Santa Paws is until they get your package.
This was the first time we have participated in this activity. I thought it would be fun to send gifts to a kitty or kitties that maybe I didn't know.

Shopping for kitties is always fun. I think they have the best toys,treats, and food. Ma says I am not supposed to eat the food but if I don't get caught eating it, I stay out of trouble.

DaeDae and Molly Mew's name was given to Hairballs and Hissyfits. They live in CANADA! I couldn't wait to see what they got from Canada, neither could DaeDae. He went to town sniffing that package. I didn't think ma would ever open it. As happy as he was with the outside, I could only imagine the inside was even better.

I can't describe the thrill that DaeDae had. Did you know this iDae Dae's FIRST CHRISTMAS?!!? A present with his name on it sent him over the top in excitement.
DaeDae the orange and white tabby sniffing catnip

I could tell you how happy Molly Mew was to get her presents but I won't. I will let you watch for yourself. Ma started the camera as soon as she got the package in the house. 

They were even nice enough to get Scooby and I a little something.
White standard poodle named Carma Poodale with WOOF toy.
Thank you HairBalls and HissyFits for including us in the festivities. 
Thank you, Paula for taking time to put together the Secret Santa activities. 

We have had a lot of fun with this and look forward to seeing what all my kitty friends get for Christmas. Their parents/humans/staff made them put them under the tree for the big day. 

Unfortunately with a 7-month-old kitten in the house, there could be no waiting. 

Merry Christmas 

from our family

to yours!


Have you ever had a Secret Santa??


  1. What a pawsome package ! That's a lot of great gifts ! Have fun ! Purrs

    1. It sure was and they loved each of those gifts.
      Merry Christmas!!

  2. Glad you all enjoyed participating in Secret Paws and it's an honor to have you in our group, Carma.

    1. Thank you Cathy Keisha. That means a lot to me and I love you all.
      Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Aww what lovely presents,Merry Christmas,xx Speedy

  4. Now THIS is what the 'howlidays' are all about! We hope your Christmas was pawsome!

  5. So happy you enjoyed everything! WOW that catnip must have smelled good!! And I LOVED the video! Happy holidays!

    1. You sure made a kitten's first Christmas a happy one. We all are loving our toys and everyday multiple times a day we hear that chirping of the toy. Molly mew loves that toy. She plays with it multiple times a day.
      DaeDae found the place ma had put his catnip. When dad and sissy got up they didn't know what was all over the carpet. Ma got up took one step in it and yelled 'DAVY YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!" The boy was high for 3 days! BOL!

  6. ps does this mean you are my cats secret santa? Hopefully it will arrive soon! Cats are very excited

    1. No we got someone in Belgium. since you said your kitties haven't received their packages yet, that makes me feel a little better that our package hasn't reached its destination either. Ma just checked the routing number the post office gave us and it said our package was in transit.
      It made her grrrr. She paid out the wahooo to ship it and the post lady said it would take 10 days. We mailed it on Dec. 12th. Makes me grrr too.
      Hope you get your presents soon!

    2. thanks!wow Belgium!! Hope it arrives soon! International shipping is killer!!


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