Bunny Meme Saturday!

I love to explore new places, to investigate all the exciting new smells and of course see if I can find a few tasty snacks along the way.My mummy takes me to some interesting places and sometimes I have to do a bit of exploring with mummy in my pet stroller till we get to where I can explore on my own four paws.

As you can see I was excited by this place....I could smell my wild cousins and I wanted to see what messages the had left.Not all bunnies are like me.Not all bunnies enjoy going for adventures on a harness like me either.So if you want to try it with your own bunny you need to see if they don't mind wearing the harness on its own at home first,if they don't mind then you can try the leash as well but remember you need to do this at home! If your Bunny doesn't like it then stop using the leash and harness....if a bunny doesn't like a harness and leash they will struggle and fight you to get it off or they may freeze in fear.If this happens then the life of an adventure bun is not for your bunny....but if your bunny doesn't mind then you have a life time of adventure with your bunny to enjoy but make sure you're aware of potential dangers from dogs and wild animals when you're out and about!Me I'm not afraid of anything not dogs or birds but mummy is still hyper aware of what is going on around us so I can stay happy,relaxed and unafraid on my adventures!

Do you go on fun adventures?Do you know any unusual pets that go on fun adventures?Lets us know in the comments bellow.

This is Speedy reporting for Carma Poodale.com

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