Scooby Doo Visits Kids Day at Farmer's Market

While we are going through our photos from our BlogPaws trip, thought I would tell you about Scooby's big day on Saturday. 

Our family always looks forward to Saturday's because that is our local Farmers' Market day. We love seeing the vendors. There are a couple that we love seeing and always buy from because they have fantastic prices and the quality is wonderful. 
Carma Poodale #standardPoodle and Scooby Doo #Chihuahua in front of #Owensboro Farmers' Market Sign
Older photo of us. 
I stayed home this time but had to share a photo we took late last year. 
This Saturday was KID's DAY at our Owensboro Farmers' Market. I had been looking forward to attending this but it was best I stayed home. I was protecting the house and enjoying the air condition. 

Scooby came home all excited. He had met other dog's and got to do some really cool things. He said they also stopped by my favorite vendor and got me the good stuff. Yum! I got fresh beef liver!! 

Scooby Doo #chihuahua met the characters #Rapunzel and #Spiderman
Scooby Doo got to meet Rapunzel and Spiderman

Scooby Doo #chihuahua was ready to help fight fires
Ready to fight fires with the firemen

Scooby Doo wants to be a police dog.
Next police dog? 
Scooby had such a great day at Farmer's Market. He really enjoyed the attention and some of the people even knew his name. He felt like a superstar. 
Man kissing Scooby Doo #chihuahua
Love you Scooby Doo. You are a good boy.

ScoobyDoo #chihuahua in the #corvette
I am Scooby Doo and I am Loved.

Thank you, Scooby Doo for telling me about your adventure. I am so happy you had a good time. 

Do you enjoy visiting your local Farmers' Market?
Are yours pet-friendly? 


  1. Dogs aren't allowed at any of our Farmer's Markets but we went to one last year. Hopefully, we will get to some this summer too.

    1. That is sad they don't allow dogs. Since our Farmers Market doesn't serve food and only sells it, we are allowed to go.

      Ma says buying fresh veggies such as tomatoes , potatoes and more are better than having to plant them and do all that gardening stuff in hopes to get produce.

  2. how exciting for Scooby Doo,I must get Mum to look in to these...think of all the fresh veg for me!!!,xx Speedy

    1. Think of all the samples that the vendors would give you! It would be worth a trip for sure.

  3. How cool ! It looks like Scooby Doo had great time ! Purrs

  4. We're anxiously awaiting the opening of our neighborhood Farmer's Market where the dogs can stroll the blocked off street every Saturday morning.

  5. how exciting for Scooby Doo. I enjoy visiting your local Farmers' Market. Thanks for all.


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